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Interfaces to 3rd Party Tool management Systems

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  • Interfaces to 3rd Party Tool management Systems

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    Tool data management is a challenge for midsize and bigger Companies for over decades.

    The digitalization of our machining world is constantly in progress and this forces our customers to take part in this process.

    With SolidCAM2021 we will bring a major Enhancement that will replace our existing Tool Table.

    The new Tool Table Catalog will enable users to collect the digital Tools from the cloud and manage them.

    For machine shops, which may have extended request for a complete Shop floor Tool Management software, SolidCAM has developed Interfaces to 3rd Party Tool Management Software.

    The third Party Software is not a part of a SolidCAM License and has to be purchased independently from the Producer.

    The interface license has to be purchased from SolidCAM or from 3rd Party.

    In general an Integration to a specific Tool Management System will be supported directly from SolidCAM’s Tooltable, the Import of complete Tools that can be directly used for the Machining.

    The Tool Data may includes parametric and 3D / 2D Data for Holder and Tools, Feeds and Spins and machining Parametes.

    Supported Tool types include: Milling and Turning.

    It depends on the functionality of the 3rd Party Interface how Tools can be managed and selected to be Imported directly to the SolidCAM Tool Table.

    SolidCAM has today Interfaces to the following external Tool Management Systems:
    1. TDM from tdm systems -
    2. Wintool from Wintool AG -
    3. TMS Tool Management Solutions from E. ZOLLER GmbH & Co. KG-

    Best Regards
    Harald Schumacher
    3rd party Interfaces manager

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    Hi Harald Schumacher,

    besides this three 3rd parties tool system(TDM, Wintool and Zoller) can integrate with solidCAM izzit any 3rd parties software can integrate with solidCAM? can you provide the list for 3rd Parties Tool management system that can interface with SolidCam.


    • Harald Schumacher
      Harald Schumacher commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Dennis,

      Yes, any 3rd Party can Integrate to SolidCAM as long, that they share with us the nativ SolidCAM XML Format.
      We had developed a global XML Interface that runs external Applications, that opens a Website, that optional converts the source XML File into SolidCAMs nativ XML Format and Import the Data it into the ToolKit.
      Once the geometrie data is provided as SVG, DXF or STL Data in the properties of SolidCAM, we can import those Data as well.
      Please check out the 3rd Party Interface developed from Inovatools, what was done on their own:
      Die neue Plattform INOCAM ermöglicht unseren Kunden den Zugriff auf 2D & 3D Modelle nach DIN/ISO Norm, womit ein schneller Datenimport in CAM- und Toolmanagement-Systeme ermöglicht wird

      To import Tools directly, open in ToolKit a Toolassembly Table, navigate to 3rd Party Tool Import and select the INOCAM Logo.
      You will reach directly to the Inovatools site, select a Tool, add it to download and the Tool will be Impoted to the ToolKit
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    We have a customer using COSCOM, do we have some information about the COSCOM-Interface?


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      Yes Frank, we have!

      COSCOM Developed the Export from their Tool Director to SolidCAM...see here the Partner Webinar of CGTech/COSCOM/SolidCAM about that Topic.
      Kostenoptimierte Fertigung in einer heterogenen SystemlandschaftDas Partner-Webinar von SolidCAM, CGTech und COSCOM demonstrierte anschaulich, wie leicht und...

      I have attached the documentation from COSOCM about the Suported SolidCAM Parameters

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