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    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    The digitalization of our machining world is constantly in progress and forces our customers to take part in this process.

    With SolidCAM2021 we will bring a major enhancement that will replace our existing Tool Table.

    The new Tool Table Catalog includes a new general Interface from Type XML.

    This is SolidCAM's first Interface which allows 3rd Parties to connect their Application to SolidCAM's Tool catalog on their own.

    In general, any 3rd Party may use this Interface free or charge to develop an Application, to import selected Tools in SolidCAM's XML Format into the SolidCAM Tool Table Catalog.

    The launch of the 3rd Party Product and Import can be supported directly from SolidCAM’s Tooltable.

    Depending on the the 3rd Party Product, complete Tools can be imported. In best case they can be directly used for the Machining.

    The Tool Data may include parametric and 3D/2D Data for Holder and Tools, Feeds and Spin and machining Parameters.

    Supported Tooltypes: Milling, Turning

    Supported Graphic Format: STL, DXF, SVG

    The SolidCAM XML interface is included the SolidCAM license and do not need any extra license.

    The costs for the Interface from a 3rd Party Product to SolidCAM, depends on the 3rd Party product Vendor and have to purchased at the 3rd Party separately.

    The following 3rd Party products have already developed their Interface to SolidCAM:

    Inovatools Eckerle & Ertel GmbH - Tool manufacturer:

    Best Regards
    Harald Schumacher
    3rd party Interfaces manager