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  • SolidCAM with DriveWorks


    Does someone have experience with SolidCAM with Driveworks?

    Can you please share customer feedback and maybe customer testimonials?

    A potential customer designed a SolidWorks CAD model, containing around 70 configurations (Same file but with different sizes).

    Once we did the CAM program on the 1st configuration, can Driveworks be used to automate the following commands:
    Save as, Change CAD configuration, Update of Target/Stock/Jobs, Recalculate toolpath, Generate Gcode

    Or maybe another solution like API?

    Thank you in advance.

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    hi Herve,

    Did you receive any suggestions on how this could work for you?
    i might have the same challenge at a potential customer.
    So was wondering on what are the options to work with driveworks, and configurations.


    Robin Splinter


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      Hi guys,

      I have maybe not the best solution, but I want to share with you one API and Macro, that we had in Support of one of our resellers - a great job was done by them.

      Please find it here:

      Daniel Djurica
      Intl Support Manager


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        Hi guys,

        I received some feedback on skype directly for confidential reason.

        Basically automation can come from API and not from driveworks.
        Feel free to contact me if needed.


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          OK after TC explained me what is needed:

          Then DriveWorks do
          1. Generate master model by DriveWorks
          2. Create a Master CAM-part from that model in SolidCAM
          3. Generate new version of model by DriveWorks
          4. SC Automation API: replace reference model
          5. SC Automation API: Synchronize
          6. SC Automation API: Calculate
          7. SC Automation API: Gcode

          What needed from DriveWorks so it will work:
          The problem we seems to have is synchronization:
          We are using SolidWorks Persistent IDs to detect Geometries for synchronization
          If the new version of model from DriveWorks will share same PersistantIDs as
          in Master-model this workflow will be OK

          Thanks, Eran