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  • SolidCAM Machining Wizard

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    We will be developing a Machining Wizard, that learns from User work and generates an automation script - a combination of AI
    and Machine Learning.

    Once we can learn from already created CAM parts and its operations regarding user choices, we can extrapolate to the next operations and thus save the customer a lot of clicks and also apply the technology he previously chose. The possibilities are limitless - for all SolidCAM operations, including obviously drilling!

    Camworks, EdgeCAM.. for example have an old approach - like our AHRM - a complicated programmable technology data base, which is difficult to define and to adapt to every user need.

    No other CAM system has our new approach today! Once we do this “AI automation, it will be a breakthrough for our marketing and sales - We are sure about it.

    In every second demonstration, we are requested to show automation and our AHRM approach is not “easy” or let’s say not easy to Demonstrate! Once we do this “AI automation, it will be a breakthrough for our demonstration and sales.

    What we want to develop is SolidCAM's unique way for: “Capturing Best Practices”.

    Not only using static pre-defined templates or machining processes, like we have today, but to dynamically generate machining scripts, based on collecting data of the customer’s previous choices and machining scripts. This is our real AI challenge for SolidCAM2022.

    We are very excited about this project - it will put us miles ahead of all our CAM competitors!!

    We have the right team to do this ambitious projectfrom experienced SolidCAM Product Managers to excellent Mathematicians and Programmers..

    We will have this Machining Wizard in SolidCAM2022.

    Emil Somekh

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    This is for sure the right way!

    Frank Barho
    Barho ECS