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SolidCAM vs Edgecam

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  • SolidCAM vs Edgecam

    Busa ( is a large company in the interior of the state of São Paulo in Brazil and works with road and agricultural implements.

    They also act under the name Leniors and were prospected by our CADWorks sub-reseller, as they were using SolidWorks.

    They had Edgecam with an active subscription and their projects were always done in SolidWorks. They have turning centers with driven tools and milling centers.

    For the change, the features and machining strategies available in SolidCAM were evaluated and the ease of use was noticed well. During the review process, the customer made a surprise support call to evaluate us. After closing the order, he informed us that the response time and the quality of service provided by our technical team had also a big effect on choosing SolidCAM.

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    SolidCAM vs Edgecam - AeroAlcool

    Aeroalcool is an aerospace company that develops small planes and parts for the wind energy sector.

    We arrived at them by a cold call from an article published in an aviation magazine ( embraer.html), and soon after the client found us via Google, and their website is

    During the review process, we were competing with Edgecam.

    For validation on which CAM to use, the client called SolidCAM Brasil and the local Edgecam vendor. They hasd a router for machining fiber models, with 5 axes, produced in China, with the SYNTEC command.

    The challenge in this process was the technical validation and response time for building the post-processor. The customer had little information about the machine and its commands, with only 1 example program. Another point was the time available for machining the model part, with a deadline of 7 days. In this period we were able to build the post-processor, give the training to the customer to use SolidCAM, and still machine the test piece - our competitor was unable to build the post-processor in time.

    Marcelo Ongaro


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      SolidCAM win against EdgeCAM

      Bittencourt is a Stamping Molds Company...

      Director Marcelo purchased 2 vertical milling CNC ROMI and manual programming was a problem, due to lack of manpower he was wasting a lot of time.

      When we talked to Marcelo about SolidCAM he had already closed everything with EdgeCAM reseller, but through the expertise of a technician a quick study of SolidCAM benefits aligned with Solidworks (their CAD system).

      We used real 3D models for presentation, the customer was convinced and felt confident in canceling the agreement already made with EdgeCAM reseller.

      Another battle won!

      Felipe Semensato
      SolidCAM Brazil


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        SolidCAM beats Edgecam in productivity.

        Dear SolidCAM Team,

        I would like to share this case with you.

        Art Company is one of the main dies and molds industries in Paraná - Brazil.

        For a long time, they have been Edgecam users, but after closing a deal with JACTO ( to supply large quantities of plastic molds, they needed to have more powerful technology and high-performance strategies.

        After testing, the customer decided to rely on SolidCAM to replace their old EdgeCAM. SolidCAM significantly increased production efficiency thanks to 3D HSM strategies, decreased programming time, and thanks to CAD/CAM integration as well.

        Currently, Art Company produces molds quickly and safely, making the most of its CNC equipment.

        Felipe Semensato - SolidCAM Brazil


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          SolidCAM vs EdgeCAM - Trial test

          Dear SolidCAM team and partners.

          After an unsuccessful trial-test with Edgecam, where a machine collision occurred, I got involved with COFELMA managers to introduce SolidCAM.

          Here in Brazil, the EdgeCAM reseller has difficulties performing a cutting test quickly, which highlights one of SolidCAM Brasil's main advantages. It was a very difficult job, their experience with CAM technology was bad and the trust was broken.

          We had the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of SolidCAM in a new test with Eurostec and Mazak QT350.

          The results were amazing - the SolidCAM resources gave them the tools to program a whole variety of their parts. The post-processors developed were excellent.

          One of the main benefits that Cofelma got was to have a CAM tool for programing their helicoids parts - the Scew Machining was essential to reach a superior level of CNC programming.

          Felipe Semensato - SolidCAM Brazil


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            iMachining is a door opener!

            One day we learned from a close technology and cooperation partner that one of their customers is dissatisfied with EdgeCAM. They were looking for a CAM system that would allow them to machine a lot of material quickly and with process reliability. This manufacturing company worked in the field of mechanical production of components by means of computer-controlled machining centers. They focus on the machining of turned and milled parts of small and medium component sizes.

            After a demo and subsequent live cutting on one of their machines, the managing director decided on SolidCAM where iMachining was clearly the door opener here.

            The business manager ordered our Solidworks/SolidCAM 2.5D bundle up to 5x simultaneous.

            Shortly after they had received training and with the support of one of our application engineers, they started with the production of complex parts, such as a cylinder head for motorsports.

            By the way, the stability of this component could, later on, be admired in a German television broadcast called "Grip - Das Motormagazin".

            Thanks to SolidCAM and our perfectly experienced post-processor and demo technicians, we were able to respond to our customer's wishes without delay and to react quickly.

            According to the manager, this had never been the case with EdgeCAM because their post-processors turned out to be poor and their support had been slow.

            Enrico Reiprich
            Head of Sales
            SolidCAM GmbH - Suhl