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Excellent SolidCAM product,with training, makes the difference in choice of Swiss-CAM

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  • Excellent SolidCAM product,with training, makes the difference in choice of Swiss-CAM

    ML Dies is a manufacturer of machines for the field of food and textiles, as well as a sub-contractor for CNC machining.
    The factory has a variety of milling machines up to 5 axes, and Lathe machines. Most of the parts produced are for the self-production of the machines they manufacture and assemble.

    Over the years, the factory originally purchased MasterCAM for milling and after a few years, added SolidCAM. The plant currently has 2 active SolidCAM seats and one MasterCAM.

    Some parts are designed for mass production and are in small batches, adapted to Swiss-Type machines. The factory has been manufacturing these parts with subcontractors for Swiss-Type for many years.

    Recently, with the increase in the number of parts produced, a decision was made to purchase 2 new Swiss CNCs, Citizen L32 & L20. The factory owner realized that he needed CAM software for these machines. MasterCAM, Gibbscam, and SolidCAM were tested for this purpose.

    My attitude towards the factory owner was different from the competitors. I asked to have a typical part that they produced for a long time, to do the CAM programming with SolidCAM, and to show the software capabilities, technology, and machining time.
    The results were indeed excellent and greatly impressed the factory owner.

    But that was not enough to close the deal, as a problem remained - who will do the SolidCAM programming for the Swiss CNCs? The factory has had a young CNC operator for years, who is well acquainted with lathe machines, already well versed in the GCODE of turning machines, but is inexperienced in CAM.

    The offer I made was to purchase the SolidCAM solution for Swiss-type, and in return, we will take the training of this operator as our project, until he will deeply learn the SolidCAM software to operate the new Swiss CNC machines.

    The deal closed this month for a SolidCAM full seat for Swiss-Type.

    An important moral can be learned from this deal! An excellent product, with close training and support, makes the difference and can cause the customer to choose CAM software, especially for complex machines of this type💪💪💪
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