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Success Story of SolidCAM India: SolidCAM vs EdgeCAM & WorkNC

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  • Success Story of SolidCAM India: SolidCAM vs EdgeCAM & WorkNC

    SolidCAM VS EdgeCAM & WorkNC


    Thakur Automation Systems ( have been offering Innovative Engineering automation solutions since 1980 to a wide array of industries. It has been a part of the bicycle industry for more than 40 years serving the OEM’s for bicycle parts.

    Thakur Automation Systems have collaborated with Shuz-Tung Bicycle Machinery (Taiwan) & has started manufacturing in India their technology.
    They specialize in the manufacturing of Drilling Machinery, Tapping Thread machinery, Bicycle Machinery, Mittering Machinery, Pipe Bending Machines, Reaming Machines, Swagging Machines & Forming Presses.

    In 2018, Thakur Automations began the search for CAM software and they considered 2 other competitors - it was intense competition with WorkNC & EdgeCAM.

    After Evaluating their needs, we found that the potential customer-required Modules were Milling Production, Die & Mold, iMachining 3D, Turning & Turn-Mill with Live Tool XZC and 4/5 Axes Indexing. WorkNC is a Die & Mold machining software and has no Turning or Milling Production and EdgeCAM for Milling production, turning, and turn-mill. In that case, the customer has to buy 2 CAM products to fulfill the above requirements, while SolidCAM has all the options in a single software, along with the revolutionary iMachining Technology. The customer realized that if he goes with the other Softwares then he has to Purchase 2 different CAM seats and it will be very difficult for him to manage both different Softwares data, revisions, and yearly Subscription Costs.

    After demonstrating all SolidCAM Modules & showing customized Post Processors for all their existing CNC Machines, Thakur Automation MD decided to buy the SolidCAM product. Today SolidCAM supports 2 VMC Cosmos CVM 640 & YCM, one Turning Centre, and TurnMill Brand Ace Micromatics machines, in Thakur Automation Systems.

    They also successfully implemented SolidCAM iMachining. In the First iMachining Benchmark, the cycle time has been reduced to 14 minutes from 67 minutes, achieving their ROI in their very first job cutting.

    The customer is in regular AMC & Subscription and MD Helped us to Sell 3 Licenses in his Industrial Friends Circle.

    It was a proud moment for the SolidCAM India team to win against competitors WorkNC & EdgeCAM.

    With Regards
    Abhishek Dhawan
    Regional Manager-Punjab
    SolidCAM India ??