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Success Story SolidCAM India: SolidCAM VS MasterCAM

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  • Success Story SolidCAM India: SolidCAM VS MasterCAM

    Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar Punjab

    Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd (, commonly known as HHPL, was incorporated in 1965, with the mission to cater to the growing Indian industrial sector's requirement for Sheet Metal Solutions, matching the best in the international markets. The portfolio included hydraulic presses of different sizes and applications such as forming presses, deep draw presses, forging presses, and scrap bailing presses.

    HHPL is the largest manufacturer of CNC Hydraulic Press Brake & NC/CNC Hydraulic Shearing machines in South-East Asia, with over 7000 installations.

    In 2019, HHPL began the search for CAM software, and they were approached by MasterCAM. HHPL has existing Machines 3 Axis HAAS, BFW & one JUARISTI Machine.

    MD's words in the meeting with SolidCAM were that 3 Axis Machining is so easy task and nowadays users are skilled for 3 Axis Machining & MD gave the task to operate Juaristi Machine first. SolidCAM did 3 successful benchmarks on Juaristi Machine in one week & the MD asked for the different Benchmark ​​​​​on Juaristi Machine to MasterCAM. However, MasterCAM refused the offer as they required the payment first.

    Looking at the SolidCAM India team service, HHPL MD remarked: “Mastercam Software is for simple Operations & SolidCAM is an expert on Complex Machining”. SolidCAM closed the deal on the next day.

    SolidCAM was installed to support more than 12 machines in Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. The customer is Happy with after-sales Support from SolidCAM India.

    With Regards
    Abhishek Dhawan
    Regional Manager-Punjab
    Cell: +917508650008
    SolidCAM India

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    Great Success Story, Thank you Abhishek.

    TURKEY is also so strong in that domain. We have big press brake manufacturers here and as you expect they are all using SolidCAM up to 5x simultaneous.

    They are using SolidCAM for 10+ years and standardized on SW 3D CAD

    Today, Durma exports to 120 countries together with 80 distributors as the business partners, and approximately 80% of the machinery manufactured arrive to the buyers in developed industrial countries like the USA, EU members, and Australia.

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