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  • SolidCAM vs Mastercam - SolidCAM Germany

    Success Story against MasterCAM at a German customer

    Some time ago we were able to convince a large and innovative contract manufacturing company to switch from Mastercam to SolidCAM in the mill-turn domain.

    They had Mazak Integrex i200 ST, Hermle C42 MT, and Grob G550, amongst others in use and serve the complete metal machining spectrum.

    One of the main reasons for the switch was that, unlike Mastercam, SolidCAM can simulate complete assemblies and map complex machines in the simulation. Mastercam could not do so. We also scored points with the ease of the SolidCAM channel synchronization.

    A benchmark with iMachining was also clearly in our favor. Here, SolidCAM needed just 21 minutes to rough a 3D part with dimensions 350X200X100, and, most importantly, we needed only one cutter for 10 parts.

    Whereas it took Mastercam 1 hour 13 minutes for the same part and the cutter had to be replaced after each part.

    Since we have been able to gain a foothold with this company, they have been continuously expanding their SolidCAM licenses and we have sold 4 SolidCAM licenses in turning and one license in milling so far - and the trend is increasing.

    Udo Schwald
    CAD/CAM Application Engineer
    SolidCAM GmbH