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SolidCAM vs CAMWorks and TopSolid

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  • SolidCAM vs CAMWorks and TopSolid

    SolidCAM replaces CAMWorks and TopSolid

    Not long ago a prospect got in contact with us because they worked with Solidworks in construction (about 20 seats) and they were searching for an alternative solution to CAMWorks.

    This company designs and manufactures whole packaging solutions and they had only Hurco machines up to 5-axis in their workshop.

    After a demonstration and mill test on-site they decided to switch from CAMWorks completely to SolidCAM.

    One of the reasons was the seamless integration in Solidworks, also SolidCAM's ease of use. On top of that, they worked with KeyTech, which is a Part managing PDM system, specially modified for their company. KeyTech also works with the SolidCAM parts.
    Their chief programmer was really deep into programming and worked out a special workflow to optimize their production.

    A not long time passed and the company grew. They bought another company to expand their production of milling parts.

    They acquired a company that had been using TopSolid for many years and they had a variety of machines like Hermle, Mikron, and DMG.
    At this point, our customer was not sure, whether they wanted to go the way with TopSolid or SolidCAM.

    So they made an internal benchmark, of course with our support and suggestions. In the end, they decided in favor of SolidCAM.

    The reasons for their decision were our excellent personal customer support and the profound knowledge of SolidCAM their chief programmer could obtain in a very short time.

    Finally, we defeated both competitors and the company now works with SolidCAM only.

    Up to now, they have five SolidCAM seats (only Integration), 18 of our posts and they have invested more than 75k.

    Wolfgang Heller
    Branch Manager Rosenheim
    SolidCAM GmbH - Germany