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InventorCAM vs Autodesk´s Inventor CAM

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  • InventorCAM vs Autodesk´s Inventor CAM

    Powerful software and excellent support always pay off

    Our customer: A contract manufacturing company in the field of special machine construction
    Existing CAD: Autodesk Inventor

    In 2018, the company contacted SolidCAM, but then decided to go with Autodesk's Inventor CAM, which was already licensed. It seemed cheaper for them to get started with. In addition, everything sounded promising at the beginning and in the production site they wanted to try out the use of Autodesk CAM software first.

    Then in 2021 there was intensive contact with SoldiCAM again.

    Apparently, Autodesk's current Inventor CAM system was not sufficient. The company did not want to continue Autodesk subscriptions and renting was not an option for them. Autodesk could not fully ensure the control (5x simultaneous) of the existing 3 Hermle C400 machines, which are equipped with robots. They came to the conclusion that SolidCAM was the first choice to remain attractive in the market as a contract manufacturer.

    At first, they purchased InventorCAM from SolidCAM to replace their existing Inventor CAM license.

    The decisive factor for their decision was that InventorCAM from SolidCAM is more user-friendly and the post-processors definitely do what they are supposed to.

    As a second step, they have started to thoroughly test iMachining 2D & 3D to remain competitive. The tests are currently ongoing and it looks promising for the follow-up purchase of iMachining 2D & 3D.

    Finally, they gave us high praise: "Support by SolidCAM is incredibly good and fast. We like this very much!"

    Johannes Schäfer
    Team Leader Sales & Project Manager
    SolidCAM GmbH – Sinsheim (Germany)