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SolidCAM vs FeatureCAM

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  • SolidCAM vs FeatureCAM

    After 6 years using of using Autodesk FeatureCAM, I want to share information with you on why SolidCAM is much superior to FeatureCAM.
    Please feel free to add comments.

    FeatureCAM vs SolidCAM

    Milos Momirovic
    Solfins doo

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    Win against Competitor FeatureCAM, because of powerful SolidCAM Mill-Turn and iMachining3D

    I want to tell you a success story of a now happy SolidCAM customer of ours - it happened three years ago.

    Before we made our shot, the customer worked for several years with FeatureCAM. Until FeatureCAM decided to switch from perpetual licenses to rent licenses. So this company would have been forced to pay 10.000 € for the first year and after that 5.000 € annually if they had made the deal.

    So the company decided to check if their current FeatureCAM CAM solution is the one they wanted to work with in the future.

    Due to SolidCAM's good reputation in the CAD/CAM market in Germany and the fact that their apprentices have been working with SolidCAM in school, they got in contact with us and we prepared a demonstration at the customer site.

    They mainly worked with milling machines, but they also had mill-turn and milling machines with turning options.

    During our demonstration, we were able to convince them, that SolidCAM is the right solution because the software is easy to use and has a powerful mill-turn solution. In addition, SolidCAM has the best roughing module with iMachining3D.

    They started with two seats of SolidCAM for milling and turning. Shortly after, they decided to invest in a third seat and an education solution for their trainees.

    Long story short, because of our good software, reputation, a complete solution that meets their needs, and the mistake FeatureCAM made with their update policies, they gave us a chance and we took it. The company invested more than 100k € during the last 3 years and they are still happy and growing.

    Wolfgang Heller
    Branch Manager Rosenheim
    SolidCAM GmbH - Germany


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      3 months & 3 demos blow FeaturerCAM out of a liquid rocket engine Aerospace Company

      Chay Swift, SolidCAM’s seasoned sales Hunter in the Southeast, began working with a company called Volunteer Aerospace around the middle of March 2022. They had been told by their sister company in Colorado that SolidCAM would be a great addition to their manufacturing process.

      Volunteer Aerospace originally was primarily focused on additive manufacturing for over 16 years, and later began using Inventor and FeatureCAM for higher precision manufacturing.

      In a few years, they realized they needed an integrated 5 Axis milling solution for their high precision milling, to get to the next level of products for their customers. They were finished trying to get FeatureCAM to do what they wanted and hated having to start over when the design changed.

      In the process of considering SolidCAM, Chay orchestrated three demonstrations to alleviate any doubts they had about SolidCAM’s ability to advance their product offering. As always, SolidCAM’s technical team blew their minds with the power, user-friendliness, and seamless integration of InventorCAM.

      By the beginning of May, Chay brought home the nearly $20,000.00 order.

      Chay Swift
      SolidCAM Inc