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    Do we have any info about Dynamic Motion Technology?

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    Hi Ilker,

    Like all our competitors, Dynamic Motion is a roughing toolpath only.

    In 3D they have constant Step-Up only, no "Scallop Step-Up", which means longer cycle times or extra material left on the model.

    On the 2D side, with iMachining, we have built-in finishing for Walls and Floors, across multiple tools.

    Dynamic Motion does not have morphing spirals and they do not maintain constant load like iMachining. In iMachining we adjust the feed, if necessary, at every movement to keep the tool pulling a proper chip. This is highly critical with small tools or difficult to machine materials.

    Many videos of iMachining competitors will feature large diameter tools only. Trying to make an engagement-driven toolpath cut steel with a < 1mm endmill is not easy, but with iMachining Toolpath and the Technology Wizard, our customers reach success the first time, cutting with small-diameter tools.

    Our "Machinable Feature Recognition" in iMachining 2D, merges the intelligence of 3D, but it's interactive, so the user get's to "choose your own path" to decide in what order and tools are used to make the part.

    In summary, a lot of responsibility, manual work, and testing is left to the customer who uses non-iMachining toolpaths of our competitors.

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Calderone
    CTO, SolidCAM Inc