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  • SolidCAM vs MasterCAM

    Anuj Bhandari, SolidCAM India: You know what people or machine companies say in India: if you need a simple software go for MasterCAM and if you have Complex machines or applications only SolidCAM.

    Emil Somekh: Perfect - this is how we want to position our SolidCAM Brand.. with our absolutely superior iMachining 2D & 3D, our advanced Sim5x, advanced Mill-turn and Swiss type solutions.

    Ben Miller, SolidCAM UK: Absolutely right. We are definitely positioned as an advanced CAM system, with a very user friendly and intuitive interface.

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    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    You have a challenging competitor MasterCAM, mainly in the US market - but we have major advantages over them:

    1. MasterCAM in SolidWorks integration version is practically a failure (they rarely sell it).

    2. Our iMachining is another class, compared to their Dynamic Milling. Our savings in cycle time and tool life are proven to be far higher than theirs. Also we have the Machining Wizard that takes away the guesswork in setting the cutting conditions - a major advantage to all machinists - the more experienced and the less experienced.

    3. Very user friendly and intuitive SolidCAM user interface: Users, with extensive experience in both systems, say it takes between 30% to 50% more time to do similar tasks in MasterCAM compared to SolidCAM - CAM programmers' time is an expensive commodity to waste..

    4. SolidCAM is completely superior in Advanced mill-turn and Swiss type machining - both rapidly expanding niches in the manufacturing market

    5. Our SolidCAM2021 simulation capabilities are far superior than MasterCAM’s - again a major advantage to every CAM programmer.

    6. Our new tool table, in SolidCAM2021, is far more advanced than MasterCAM’s one.

    The only advantage that MasterCAM has, is better brand recognition, because of their Industrial and Educational market intensive penetration in the US.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh


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      Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

      This previous month I was able to call onto a long time MasterCAM customer from our EDA list. We spoke at length about his Mastercam.

      This potential customer has turned us down several times in the past, saying he was not interested in another software package.

      The more I let him speak, the more we developed a need to continue. Once I identified his pain and concerns, we booked a demo to prove out SolidCAM's capabilities.

      We discovered that using Mastercam, he was not able to use all the tools and functions to run his Swiss CNC machines. With MasterCAM he was copying and pasting, separate G-code outputs, wasting valuable time and with no simulation of the pasted, combined G-code. At our demo, he saw how much more useful and powerful SolidCAM can be, as opposed to what he used to in MasterCAM..

      Within 1 month from our first conversation, we demoed, quoted, and brought on a new SolidCAM Swiss customer, replacing his MasterCAM..

      Another interesting aspect was that he used Onshape as their CAD platform. Of course we spoke about Solidworks vs OnShape, and we definitely determined that Solidworks+SolidCAM was the best integrated CAD/CAM solution for his company and its business.

      Overall, by taking the time and just listening to his concerns, gave me the opportunity to prove out all SolidCAM's capabilities for advanced machining (Swiss & mill/turn), compared to other CAM software competitors.

      Thank you,
      Chay Swift
      SolidCAM Inc