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  • SolidCAM vs MasterCAM

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    You have a challenging competitor MasterCAM, mainly in the US market - but we have major advantages over them:

    1. MasterCAM in SolidWorks integration version is a failure and now they said they are officially stopping it. So, if the machine shop customer uses SolidWorks, he will be very excited to use SolidCAM, seamlessly integrated and associative to the SolidWorks model.

    2.SolidCAM amazing iMachining is far superior to MasterCAM Dynamic Milling- the iMachining module maintains constant tool load, by varying the feed according to the cutting angle, generating efficient morphed spiral and trochoidal tool paths, where machining time is drastically reduced (70% and more), and tool life is dramatically increased(5 times and more).

    Also, iMachining has the amazing iMachining Wizard that automatically calculates optimal feeds and speeds, for every point of the toolpath, taking into account the stock material properties, cutting tool type, and machine tool parameters. That takes away the guesswork in setting the cutting conditions - a major advantage to all machinists - the more experienced and the less experienced.

    See this presentation on iMachining vs so-called competitors:

    ​​3. Very user-friendly and intuitive SolidCAM user interface: Users, with extensive experience in both systems, say it takes between 30% to 50% more time to do similar tasks in MasterCAM compared to SolidCAM - CAM programmers' time is an expensive commodity to waste.

    4. SolidCAM is completely superior in Multi-Channel Mill-Turn machining, with the best multi-channel synchronization and simulation.

    5. MasterCAM has officially stopped their Swiss Expert software, which was a total failure. SolidCAM Swiss-type machining is the best in the world, and MasterCAM has nothing to offer today for Swiss!

    6. Our SolidCAM2021 simulation capabilities are far superior to MasterCAM’s.

    7. Our new tool table, in SolidCAM2021, is far more advanced than MasterCAM’s one.

    8. Our flexible, easily customizable post-processors are far superior to MasterCAM's posts.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh

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    Anuj Bhandari, SolidCAM India: You know what people or machine companies say in India: if you need simple software go for MasterCAM, and if you have Complex machines or applications only SolidCAM.

    Emil Somekh: Perfect - this is how we want to position our SolidCAM Brand.. with our absolutely superior iMachining 2D & 3D, our advanced Sim5x, multi-channel Mill-turn, Swiss-type solutions. and our Seamless SolidWorks integration.

    Ben Miller, SolidCAM UK: Absolutely right. We are definitely positioned as an advanced CAM system, with a very user-friendly and intuitive interface.

    Emil Somekh:
    Definitely, and with our seamless single-window and full associativity to SolidWorks, any CNC machine shop customer already using SolidWorks, will appreciate deeply the huge advantages of our integration and full toolpath associativity to the SolidWorks design model.

    Masahiro Goto, SolidCAM Japan, 7/3/2022:
    We have confirmed that the integrated product of Mastercam For SOLIDWORKS has disappeared from the lineup in Japan. It is said that there is no development ability to follow the version upgrade of SOLIDWORKS.
    Since its launch, various problems have continued in data sharing. In the future, SolidCAM can have a big advantage.

    Emil Somekh: MasterCAM has officially discontinued their MasterCAM Swiss expert product. So now MasterCAM has no solution for Swiss-CNCs, as opposed to SolidCAM's great multi-channel Mill-Turn & Swiss CNC solution.


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      Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

      This previous month I was able to call on a long-time MasterCAM customer from our EDA list. We spoke at length about his Mastercam.

      This potential customer has turned us down several times in the past, saying he was not interested in another software package.

      The more I let him speak, the more we developed a need to continue. Once I identified his pain and concerns, we booked a demo to prove out SolidCAM's capabilities.

      We discovered that using Mastercam, he was not able to use all the tools and functions to run his Swiss CNC machines. With MasterCAM he was copying and pasting, separate G-code outputs, wasting valuable time and with no simulation of the pasted, combined G-code. At our demo, he saw how much more useful and powerful SolidCAM can be, as opposed to what he used to in MasterCAM..

      Within 1 month from our first conversation, we demoed, quoted, and brought on a new SolidCAM Swiss customer, replacing his MasterCAM..

      Another interesting aspect was that he used Onshape as their CAD platform. Of course, we spoke about Solidworks vs OnShape, and we definitely determined that Solidworks+SolidCAM was the best-integrated CAD/CAM solution for his company and its business.

      Overall, taking the time and just listening to his concerns, gave me the opportunity to prove out all SolidCAM's capabilities for advanced machining (Swiss & mill/turn), compared to other CAM software competitors.

      Thank you,
      Chay Swift
      SolidCAM Inc


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        Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

        Another great win for our reseller in Vietnam, replacing MasterCAM with SolidCAM, at an existing MasterCAM user!

        We will let the report speak for itself:

        As you can see, iMachining did it again -> more than 50% machining time saving on DMG Mori machine compared to MasterCAM!

        iMachining VS MasterCAM.png
        Best Regards,

        Natalie Somekh

        VP Sales


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          Aeromill, the story of a cycle time problem.

          I visited a prospect of the military aeronautical sector recommended by a collaborator of CNC Machinery, Aeromil. A curious workshop, with machines from Gröb and… Haas…, mainly machining aeronautical aluminum and titanium, a Mastercam customer for many years.

          I tell him on my visit that SolidCAM can help you a lot to reduce time in your parts and that when you have a real-time problem, call me because we are sure to solve it. It doesn't matter if you have Mastercam, we are an add-on, not a replacement, helping you earn money.

          A couple of months later….

          One Sunday I receive an email ..., one Sunday !: “Hello Xabier, I have a problem: I have a titanium aeronautical part and with Mastercam I cannot make it in less than 6 hours of machining time, if it does not under 4 hours I lose the business and the customer. Can you help me? I will pay for the industrialization of the piece and the programming. "

          The following Monday our technical team prepares a report and part programming, we will present it to him on Tuesday…
          iMachining on the Grob G550 at 5 without turbo, with possibilities of time improvement… 3h 40 minutes…. Suddenly, the prospect did not want to know more about industrializing the piece, or how much we could improve the times ... He only asked: "How much is the Software?"

          Today, with 3 Grob machining titanium full time, the software that makes him have more clients and earn money in the military aeronautical sector is SolidCAM and iMachining

          If we are at all the prospects, one day they will eventually open the door for us and that day ... we will win.

          Bienvenidos a Aeromill Aeromill, empresa dedicada a la fabricación y montaje de útiles, mecanizado de piezas de vuelo y precisión, mantenimiento integral de utillajes en los sectores aeronáutico y automoción, ofrece  un amplio abanico de posibilidades y servicios para satisfacer a sus clientes. Procesos Fabricación de Piezas de Vuelo. Fabricación, mantenimiento y puesta a punto … Seguir leyendo Inicio →

          Xabier Garaloces


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            Hi Xabier,

            Fantastic and Amazing SolidCAM iMachining.


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              Solidcam Wins over Renewing Mastercam subscription

              This new customer was a long-time Mastercam user, looking to upgrade to the latest new Mastercam. Also looking at CAMWorks, before I made this cold call.

              He had both quotes from CAMWorks and MasterCAM and I offered to throw my hat in the ring with SolidCAM.

              At first, he only wanted to see our numbers/quote. It took some time but finally, he took me up on my offer to see a demo.

              Since we offered the integrated Solidworks + SolidCAM solution, he thought we were the better offer and enjoyed our demo as well.

              After heavy consideration and looking into the future, he made the move to SolidCAM and Solidworks bundle.

              The future is about integrated software!

              Chay Swift
              SolidCAM Inc


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                Replacing 3 CAM´s in one shot! at Hermanos Alfaro SL ,Spain

                06-19-2021, 03:34 PM
                Hermanos Alfaro SL, a machining company with more than 40 years of history - a diverse workshop with lathes, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining centers, and advanced milling lathe.

                When we got to them they had 3 different CAMs: ZW3D-CAM for the machining centers, Mastercam for the milling lathe, and Hypermill for the 5-axis machine - 3 different CAMS in one workshop!

                This week, after a year with SolidCAM, they have acquired their second license and the entire workshop works with a single CAM, SolidCAM….

                We always say it to our prospects, SolidCAM is a complete and competent solution in all areas of machining: 2.5D, 3X, 4X, 5X, Lathe, Advanced Lathe Mill, Swiss Lathe ...

                Our clients' machining workshops grow and we always grow alongside them with SolidCAM.

                Xabier Garaloces

                Mecanizados in situ y mecanizados de precision
                Mecanizados in situ de precisión de grandes estructuras en todo el mundo. Mecanizados de precisión de elementos en serie y de hasta 5 ejes.


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                  SolidCAM implementation at GM Engineering Works Ludhiana (Punjab, India)

                  GM Engineering works is a company dealing with forging dies which have a forging capacity of up to 15 kgs. They cater to various sectors including Agriculture, Autoparts, Scaffolding, Tractor parts, Indian Railways.

                  They purchased a BFW CNC milling machine ( in January 2020, but it was delivered late due to the pandemic and lockdown. However, the installation of the machine got completed in January 2021. During the entire phase of one year, the SolidCAM India team was in constant touch with their team, providing a free demo, working on the queries and follow-ups. Building a relationship resulted in them trusting us as a brand.

                  During the selection process, we were competing with Mastercam. But our customer, who evaluated MasterCAM thoroughly, told us that SolidCAM is far superior in 3 Axis Milling, when compared to MasterCAM. They also told us that MasterCAM is predominantly more of a production milling software but even in that area it is not as good as SolidCAM.

                  Finally, after a deep evaluation and benchmarking, they chose SolidCAM software and SolidCAM India successfully installed it in February 2021. Our customer was happy and satisfied with our services.

                  Before taking the final call on SolidCAM, the customer took feedback from 10 local companies who were using SolidCAM and then proceeded with SolidCAM. SolidCAM India faced some challenges to keep the customer’s interest paramount for a year, but towards the end, it was a sweet victory as the province where the customer is located in a tough market for CAM.

                  Mili Gulati
                  Marketing Manager


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                    Excellent SolidCAM product, with training, makes the difference in choice of Swiss-CAM

                    ML Dies is a manufacturer of machines for the field of food and textiles, as well as a sub-contractor for CNC machining.
                    The factory has a variety of milling machines up to 5 axes, and Lathe machines. Most of the parts produced are for the self-production of the machines they manufacture and assemble.

                    Over the years, the factory originally purchased MasterCAM for milling and after a few years, added SolidCAM. The plant currently has 2 active SolidCAM seats and one MasterCAM.

                    Some parts are designed for mass production and are in small batches, adapted to Swiss-Type machines. The factory has been manufacturing these parts with subcontractors for Swiss-Type for many years.

                    Recently, with the increase in the number of parts produced, a decision was made to purchase 2 new Swiss CNCs, Citizen L32 & L20. The factory owner realized that he needed CAM software for these machines. MasterCAM, Gibbscam, and SolidCAM were tested for this purpose.

                    My attitude towards the factory owner was different from the competitors. I asked to have a typical part that they produced for a long time, to do the CAM programming with SolidCAM, and to show the software capabilities, technology, and machining time. The results were indeed excellent and greatly impressed the factory owner.

                    But that was not enough to close the deal, as a problem remained - who will do the SolidCAM programming for the Swiss CNCs? The factory has had a young CNC operator for years, who is well acquainted with lathe machines, already well versed in the GCODE of turning machines, but is inexperienced in CAM.

                    The offer I made was to purchase the SolidCAM solution for Swiss-type, and in return, we will take the training of this operator as our project, until he will deeply learn the SolidCAM software to operate the new Swiss CNC machines.

                    The deal closed this month for a SolidCAM full seat for Swiss-Type.

                    An important moral can be learned from this deal! An excellent product, with close training and support, makes the difference and can cause the customer to choose CAM software, especially for complex machines of this type???

                    Zvika Friedman


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                      Leveraging iMachining to sell into MasterCAM accounts in Automation and Machinery

                      Typically MasterCAM is used in many automation and machinery companies from small to medium size.

                      They usually cut mainly Aluminium and some Stainless Steel.

                      Cutting Aluminum is easy but not efficient or effective using MasterCAM and when it comes to Stainless Steel, the tool wear is crazy.

                      Do you hear the " Ka-Ching"? Yes, opportunities are present......

                      Although Aluminum is soft, it is sensitive to heat and absorbs it readily, resulting in long hours to have to rework because of warpage tolerance.

                      Because iMachining can achieve a feed rate of over 20,000 mm/min and deep cuts of over 30mm, this results in record productivity and minimum warpage.

                      When cutting Stainless Steel, iMachining extends tool life as high as 5 to 7 times.

                      The bosses will be blown away, reduce wastage, reduce tooling, reduce coolant, higher machine utilization, etc..

                      Happy Sharing!

                      SNG ENG SIM Joel
                      SolidCAM Singapore


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                        Complementing before replacing MasterCAM

                        MasterCAM is widely used the world over. There are many programmers who are well entrenched and protect their "rice bowl" aggressively.

                        How do we win?

                        Step 1 - Don't approach the programmers.

                        Step 2 - Approach the product manager, production head, and owner.

                        Step 3 - Sharing how we were able to complement existing CAM systems in areas of business concerns i.e. Faster, Better, Cheaper, and Sustainable Quality by way of Knowledge-based technology.

                        Step 4 - "The test is in the pudding" ....test-cut with SolidCAM iMachining.

                        Step 5 - Ask for the order.

                        The customer buys two SolidCAM seats, later replaced three MasterCam seats after 1st year, and now has four SolidCAM seats (including 3-Axis Mill, 4-Axis Turn-Mill, and 5-Axis Mill )

                        Happy Sharing!

                        SNG ENG SIM Joel
                        SolidCAM Singapore


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                          SolidCAM vs. Siemens NX vs. MasterCAM - my client's success story

                          Colleagues, hello!

                          I want to share the following story.

                          One of our clients had a need to purchase a CAM system for optimal programming of a large group of CNC machines, namely:

                          • DMC 635V Ecoline - milling machine, 3 axes XYZ
                          • Kern Evo - milling machine, 4 axes XYZA
                          • Kern Triton - milling machine, 5 axes XYZAC
                          • Maxmill QMC-500 - milling machine, 4 axes XYZA
                          • Maxmill QMC-1050 - milling machine, 5 axes XYZAC
                          • ML-480 - turning and milling machine, 3 axes XZC
                          • Nakamura SC250MY - turning and milling machine, 4 axes XYZC
                          • Okuma LT2000EX2T2MY - complete turning and milling machine, 9 axes, 2 control channels
                          • Okuma LT2000EX3T2MY - complete turning and milling machine, 11 axes, 3 control channels

                          The client used SOLIDWORKS as a CAD system and PowerMill for milling programming but was looking for a solution that would allow him to program all his machines in one program.

                          The choice was between the following programs: SolidCAM, MasterCAM, Siemens NX.

                          1. SolidCAM vs. MasterCAM.
                          I asked the client why he chose SolidCAM and not MasterCAM?

                          He told me that there are three reasons:
                          1) SolidCAM has better integration with SOLIDWORKS than MasterCAM.
                          2) SolidCAM already has postprocessor support for 3-channel machines (Okuma LT2000EX3T2MY).
                          3) We are closer to him and can better provide technical support on-site.

                          2. SolidCAM vs. Siemens NX.
                          I asked the client why he chose SolidCAM over Siemens NX?

                          He answered me that there are three reasons for this too:
                          1) SolidCAM has integration with SOLIDWORKS, but Siemens NX does not and He needs to be retrained.
                          2) He doesn't want to use several separate post-processors to program one machine. SolidCAM has good support for "Turret-Table" configurations and multi-channel support. He will be able to use a single post-processor to program complex machine tools (Okuma LT2000EX2T2MY and LT2000EX3T2MY).
                          3) We are closer to him and can better provide technical support on-site.

                          Now a new version of SolidCAM 2021 has been released and the client is very happy to choose us.

                          Thank you for your attention,

                          Dmitry Anpilogov


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                            SolidCAM VS Mastercam

                            SolidCAM implementation in Mankoo India Pvt Ltd, Ludhiana, Punjab replaced a Mastercam Seat.

                            Mankoo India (, most renowned in the international markets for having ripe experience since 1934, are manufacturers of Power Presses, Knuckle Joint Presses, Friction Presses, Hot Forging Presses, H Frame Presses, and Drop Forged Hammers capacity 1 TON To 3 TON.

                            Mankoo India had a MasterCAM License for their existing CNC Turning Machine, Sri Yantra Alpha Series. in 2018 the customer purchased a VMC Machine and was looking for CAM Software. They first considered an add-on Milling Module from MasterCAM. SolidCAM India approached the client, after the successful implementation of iMachining in the same machine brand at other local customers.

                            in our first meeting, we started by giving a demonstration and played some iMachining videos. Then the MD asked for an iMachining benchmark on his Machine, against the Purchase order. The next day we did a benchmark on the CNC machine with 42 MM deep cutting in a Single-Pass. The MD was Shocked at that moment and called his Brother to the office immediately to hold a Meeting. MD discussed the Benchmark dramatic results from revolutionary iMachining Technology with his brother and agreed to buy SolidCAM Software for his organization.

                            SolidCAM India successfully installed the software in February 2018. Our customer was happy and satisfied with our services. From that day, the customer never thought again about his Mastercam license.

                            With Regards,
                            Abhishek Dhawan
                            Regional Manager - Punjab Region
                            SolidCAM India ??
                            Last edited by AbhishekSolidcam; 08-13-2021, 05:22 PM.


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                              SolidCAM Vs MasterCAM: SolidCAM India - A Success story in Swiss & Mill-Turn Account

                              Dear All,

                              We had huge success against MasterCAM at client M/s. Lechler India Pvt Ltd ( for Mill-Turn and Swiss Types machines.

                              M/s. Lechler India is a subsidiary of Lechler Germany, and they manufacture complex spray nozzle parts, used in various process, chemical & petrochemical industries.

                              In 2019, this client bought MasterCAM against SolidCAM, due to the low price offered by MasterCAM. In fact, we informed the client at that time, please don’t go just by brochures & lower price, to implement complex machines like Mill-Turn from Mazak, Mori-Seiki and Swiss Type Sliding head machines from Citizen needs a lot of experience, proven post processors and machine simulation.

                              MasterCAM played over there for 6 months, but couldn’t prove out a single machine, and also the user found that MasterCAM is difficult software to use and it is not able to cater to their requirements.

                              After 6 months, this client called SolidCAM again and informed us to prove out one part on their Mazak Mill-Turn machine (100 IV-ST) & the client promised to place a purchase order after the successful part prove-out.

                              SolidCAM India (both Pune and Delhi Team) took this challenge from the client and we proved the part on the Mazak machine. The client was literally shocked with our capability and amazed how come SolidCAM can do it in just 2-3 days, while MasterCAM couldn’t do it in 6 months. Deep thanks to Amod Onkar and Anuj Bhandari for their timely support and guidance.

                              The customer placed the order to SolidCAM India and in the next 3-4 months, we proved all their machines including the Swiss-type machine from Citizen (L32-M12).

                              This client is using the SolidCAM software for the last 2 years and we have provided them with cycle time reduction in many parts.

                              Thanks & Regards,
                              Sandeep Palve
                              Head – Sales & Marketing (West India)
                              SolidCAM Software India Pvt Ltd
                              Office: Paradigm Perl, Office No. 201, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra India - 411045
                              Mail ID : [email protected] Cellular : +91 8956019584 / 8976019584