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SolidCAM vs MasterCAM

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    SolidCAM VS Mastercam

    SolidCAM implementation in Mankoo India Pvt Ltd, Ludhiana, Punjab replaced a Mastercam Seat.

    Mankoo India (, most renowned in the international markets for having ripe experience since 1934, are manufacturers of Power Presses, Knuckle Joint Presses, Friction Presses, Hot Forging Presses, H Frame Presses, and Drop Forged Hammers capacity 1 TON To 3 TON.

    Mankoo India had a MasterCAM License for their existing CNC Turning Machine, Sri Yantra Alpha Series. in 2018 the customer purchased a VMC Machine and was looking for CAM Software. They first considered an add-on Milling Module from MasterCAM. SolidCAM India approached the client, after the successful implementation of iMachining in the same machine brand at other local customers.

    in our first meeting, we started by giving a demonstration and played some iMachining videos. Then the MD asked for an iMachining benchmark on his Machine, against the Purchase order. The next day we did a benchmark on the CNC machine with 42 MM deep cutting in a Single-Pass. The MD was Shocked at that moment and called his Brother to the office immediately to hold a Meeting. MD discussed the Benchmark dramatic results from revolutionary iMachining Technology with his brother and agreed to buy SolidCAM Software for his organization.

    SolidCAM India successfully installed the software in February 2018. Our customer was happy and satisfied with our services. From that day, the customer never thought again about his Mastercam license.

    With Regards,
    Abhishek Dhawan
    Regional Manager - Punjab Region
    SolidCAM India 🇮🇳
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      SolidCAM Vs MasterCAM: SolidCAM India - A Success story in Swiss & Mill-Turn Account

      Dear All,

      We had huge success against MasterCAM at client M/s. Lechler India Pvt Ltd ( for Mill-Turn and Swiss Types machines.

      M/s. Lechler India is a subsidiary of Lechler Germany, and they manufacture complex spray nozzle parts, used in various process, chemical & petrochemical industries.

      In 2019, this client bought MasterCAM against SolidCAM, due to the low price offered by MasterCAM. In fact, we informed the client at that time, please don’t go just by brochures & lower price, to implement complex machines like Mill-Turn from Mazak, Mori-Seiki and Swiss Type Sliding head machines from Citizen needs a lot of experience, proven post processors and machine simulation.

      MasterCAM played over there for 6 months, but couldn’t prove out a single machine, and also the user found that MasterCAM is difficult software to use and it is not able to cater to their requirements.

      After 6 months, this client called SolidCAM again and informed us to prove out one part on their Mazak Mill-Turn machine (100 IV-ST) & the client promised to place a purchase order after the successful part prove-out.

      SolidCAM India (both Pune and Delhi Team) took this challenge from the client and we proved the part on the Mazak machine. The client was literally shocked with our capability and amazed how come SolidCAM can do it in just 2-3 days, while MasterCAM couldn’t do it in 6 months. Deep thanks to Amod Onkar and Anuj Bhandari for their timely support and guidance.

      The customer placed the order to SolidCAM India and in the next 3-4 months, we proved all their machines including the Swiss-type machine from Citizen (L32-M12).

      This client is using the SolidCAM software for the last 2 years and we have provided them with cycle time reduction in many parts.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sandeep Palve
      Head – Sales & Marketing (West India)
      SolidCAM Software India Pvt Ltd
      Office: Paradigm Perl, Office No. 201, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra India - 411045
      Mail ID : [email protected] Cellular : +91 8956019584 / 8976019584


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        Ralson India Limited Ludhiana Punjab, India 🇮🇳

        SolidCAM vs Mastercam

        Established in 1974, Ralson India Ltd ( began its modest journey in Ludhiana, manufacturing bicycle tires and tubes. With time, Ralson advanced into becoming one of India’s leading players in the bicycle tire industry, as well as expanded into the manufacturing of automobile tires. Today, Ralson is one of the top 5 industry leaders globally and has become the largest producer and exporter of bicycle tubes and tires in the country.

        Ralson India was buying ready-made Molds from its China vendors. In 2018, Ralson India Purchased a CNC Machine from China and began the search for Turning CAM software and they considered MasterCAM.

        MasterCAM focused its full demonstration on Prime Turning. The next day in our demonstration, the client was set in his mind to go with MasterCAM. After a long discussion and Q/A sessions with Ralson Team, we convinced the client in our presentation that Prime Turning is a Patent by Sandvik, and not by Mastercam; they can't use other brands' tools parameters on the prime turning Module.

        At the meeting, we found out that the customer had to finish the new Mold on the CNC Machine the next Day. We offered that if he allowed us then we can do the Benchmark at night and he will get the complete Mold by the next morning.

        SolidCAM Punjab Team worked the whole night on the Mold and completed the task by the next day morning at 6 AM - the customer was very happy. He signed as approved on the SolidCAM Quote and we received the order with 100% payment the same day.

        Ralson India Ltd is satisfied with our services and they purchased a 2nd SolidCAM seat in Jan 2021.

        Abhishek Dhawan
        Regional Manager- Punjab
        SolidCAM India


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          Success Story against MasterCAM at a German customer

          Some time ago we were able to convince a large and innovative contract manufacturing company to switch from Mastercam to SolidCAM in the mill-turn domain.

          They had Mazak Integrex i200 ST, Hermle C42 MT, and Grob G550, amongst others in use and serve the complete metal machining spectrum.

          One of the main reasons for the switch was that, unlike Mastercam, SolidCAM can simulate complete assemblies and map complex machines in the simulation. Mastercam could not do so. We also scored points with the ease of the SolidCAM channel synchronization.

          A benchmark with iMachining was also clearly in our favor. Here, SolidCAM needed just 21 minutes to rough a 3D part with dimensions 350X200X100, and, most importantly, we needed only one cutter for 10 parts.

          Whereas it took Mastercam 1 hour 13 minutes for the same part and the cutter had to be replaced after each part.

          Since we have been able to gain a foothold with this company, they have been continuously expanding their SolidCAM licenses and we have sold 4 SolidCAM licenses in turning and one license in milling so far - and the trend is increasing.

          Udo Schwald
          CAD/CAM Application Engineer
          SolidCAM GmbH


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            Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar Punjab

            Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd (, commonly known as HHPL, was incorporated in 1965, with the mission to cater to the growing Indian industrial sector's requirement for Sheet Metal Solutions, matching the best in the international markets. The portfolio included hydraulic presses of different sizes and applications such as forming presses, deep draw presses, forging presses, and scrap bailing presses.

            HHPL is the largest manufacturer of CNC Hydraulic Press Brake & NC/CNC Hydraulic Shearing machines in South-East Asia, with over 7000 installations.

            In 2019, HHPL began the search for CAM software, and they were approached by MasterCAM. HHPL has existing Machines 3 Axis HAAS, BFW & one JUARISTI Machine.

            MD's words in the meeting with SolidCAM were that 3 Axis Machining is so easy task and nowadays users are skilled for 3 Axis Machining & MD gave the task to operate Juaristi Machine first. SolidCAM did 3 successful benchmarks on Juaristi Machine in one week & the MD asked for the different Benchmark ​​​​​on Juaristi Machine to MasterCAM. However, MasterCAM refused the offer as they required the payment first.

            Looking at the SolidCAM India team service, HHPL MD remarked: “Mastercam Software is for simple Operations & SolidCAM is an expert on Complex Machining”. SolidCAM closed the deal on the next day.

            SolidCAM was installed to support more than 12 machines in Hindustan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd. The customer is Happy with after-sales Support from SolidCAM India.

            With Regards
            Abhishek Dhawan
            Regional Manager-Punjab
            Cell: +917508650008
            SolidCAM India


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              SolidCAM beats Mastercam


              A contract manufacturer from Hessen, Germany, contacted us and wanted us to look at his parts because he was very dissatisfied with Mastercam. In the further course, it became apparent that Mastercam´s integration in Solidworks was not particularly well designed. In addition, there were problems with the handling of the software and the postprocessors.

              Our prospective customer considered the modules 2.5D to 5x simultaneous as important. We went through his parts step by step so that we could meet the company's portfolio and expectations 100%. In addition, SolidCAM's hole recognition module found holes in various slopes that Mastercam (ProDrill) would never have been able to find.

              Last but not least, we programmed a 5x simultaneous milling operation and ran it directly on the machine in free space. The customer was very pleased with the spontaneous way in which we handled this.

              The Solidworks interface and the machining capabilities in SolidCAM convinced both managing directors to switch to SolidCAM.

              Philipp Clemens
              Application Engineer CAD/CAM
              SolidCAM GmbH – Siegen, Germany



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                Congratulations philipp

                The Strength💪 of individual Greatness Makes a Great Team.


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                  The potential client chose a SolidCAM demonstration, rather than a MasterCAM one

                  The M/S Yaaga Company is a Bangalore-based company established in the year 1997. It is under the proprietorship of MR. K V Venu Gopal.

                  Listing down the services offered by Yaaga are servicing and maintenance of hydraulic loaders, excavators, cranes, and forklifts, with the likes of Hitachi, JD, JCB, CAT, Toyota, etc. In addition, they are also into Hydraulics: Overhauling, refurbishments, and troubleshooting of pumps, motors, direction valves, cylinders, power steering, etc.

                  SolidCAM Experience –

                  The Yagga company started using SolidCAM 2021 version in April 2021. They have purchased a 3-Axis configuration and are using the software on AMS 3X VMC Machine.

                  Yaaga bought SolidCAM suggested by their friend. The Client was aware of MasterCAM, yet chose to proceed with SolidCAM Demonstration. The client called SolidCAM Bangalore Office and visited our office for a product demonstration. He was completely convinced and satisfied with the solution. He took a quick decision to release the purchased order along with a 60% advance on the same day itself.

                  The client found SolidCAM to be very useful and extremely versatile and easy to operate. The component which was machined was a 5X component, which the customer was not able to do manually on a 3x machine, using rotary index tables. Using SolidCAM Software he was able to machine it very easily, with good technical support from SolidCAM Team.

                  The customer used also iMachining technology and was able to machine the component very easily with a very big cycle time reduction. The customer was able to save 60% cycle time compared to other software with optimized toolpaths. iMachining Technology itself generates optimized toolpaths and is easy to use and to learn.

                  Besides the aforesaid added advantage, the customer found the software the best as was able to complete the complex 5X component conveniently. The post-processor was also easy to work on. Integration of Solidworks was very useful to the customer.

                  After completing successful training the customer was able to machine the below component successfully.
                  Our SolidCAM India Team with great effort added another client to our SolidCAM Family!!

                  Ashok Kumar
                  Bangalore Office.