Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

Watch below the amazing joint webinar of SolidCAM GmbH, Citizen Machinery Europe GmbH and ISCAR GmbH, showing the power of the SolidCAM Swiss module, programming and running a Citizen D25 Swiss CNC machine, and cutting a demo part, using ISCAR tools, specially designed for Swiss-type machines.

Transcript of Introduction
SolidCAM has today the best CAM solution for Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss type CNC machines.

As we have more and more happy and satisfied customers worldwide, in Germany, UK, USA, Israel, India, China and many other countries, the word is getting around about the fantastic SolidCAM advanced mill-turn and Swiss type solution.

Until SolidCAM came up came up with our amazing solution, Swiss CNC customers had to use either GibbsCAM, Partmaker or Esprit.

GibbsCAM gave a very partial solution. Partmaker was better, but since it was acquired by Autodesk several years ago, there has been no further development and practically no support whatsoever. Swiss type customers, who are using either GibbsCAM or Partmaker, are taking the decision to move to SolidCAM after a fairly basic SolidCAM demo.

This leaves Esprit, as the only serious remaining competitor, and obviously also manual GCode writing, which is Archaic, Outdated, Error-prone, Unproductive and with no Simulation – and there are so few machinists who know how to successfully do it..

Regarding Esprit, it has so many weaknesses, compared to SolidCAM, and there are many of them:
  1. No integration to SolidWorks
  2. Weak own basic CAD
  3. Difficult and very tedious geometry selection
  4. Very slow simulation
  5. Actually unusable feature recognition and machining
  6. Limited multi-channel synchronization
  7. Closed posts that can be only customized, if at all, at Esprit HQ
  8. No real upgrade path to the new Esprit TNG version, that is not backward compatible and cannot edit CAM Parts defined in previous versions…. So upgrading to this new TNG version, by an existing Esprit customer, means that he can do nothing much with his all his previously defined hundreds of Esprit parts, he can ONLY simulate them!! And Esprit TNG, though launched a year ago, is still seriously lacking mill-turn and Swiss posts, that can only be defined at Esprit HQ..
If you think we are exaggerating, watch again the interview with Erik Forwith, an advanced machining expert, who used Esprit for more than 6 years.

There are two types of potential customers for our Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss solution:

1. When you go to an already happy SolidCAM customer, with our product for 2.5D Mill, 3D Mill or Sim5x.., getting excellent technical support and customizable posts, then selling him the additional Swiss module, for his manually G-code programmed, existing Swiss CNCs or newly bought ones, is a natural extension!

2. For a new potential Swiss CNC customer, you will have to show him an in-depth demonstration and sometimes a benchmark.

As I already said, the word is getting around of our superior Advanced mill-turn and Swiss type solution and Swiss CNC manufacturers and Resellers are hearing about it. From Citizen to Star to Tsugami to Quicktek and countless others, they are starting to recommend the SolidCAM advanced machining solution to their CNC customers.

This amazing webinar, given cooperatively by technology partners SolidCAM GmbH, Citizen Machinery Europe GmbH and ISCAR Germany GmbH, shows the power of the SolidCAM Swiss module, programming and running a Citizen D25 Swiss CNC machine, and cutting a demo part, using ISCAR tools, specially designed for Swiss-type machines.

From the Citizen side, Addlen Trabelsi, the Citizen Sales manager Europe, presents the novelties of Citizen and talk about the Citizen D25.

He presents also info about the new Citizen L20 with B-axis and ATC (automatic tool changer).

Jonas von Kahlden, from ISCAR GmbH, is the Product specialist for Turning in Germany, and he presents news from ISCAR and their Tools specially designed for Swiss-type machines.

Michael Leditzky, SolidCAM GmbH Technical COO, and Markus Ritter, SolidCAM GmbH Swiss machine and Post expert, present the programming with the SolidCAM Swiss module of a brass bone spoon part.

The presenters jointly show how the production of complex components from sophisticated materials, through the interaction of CAM software, tools and machine tools, can be simplified and accelerated, using swiss type machining, to ensure production reliability.

Best Regards,
Emil Somekh