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SolidCAM Partnership with JTEKT Toyoda Americas

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  • SolidCAM Partnership with JTEKT Toyoda Americas

    SolidCAM, Inc. has formed a new partnership with JTEKT Toyoda Americas.


    How SolidCAM is adding value to JTEKT Toyoda's sales process:

    1. Much faster and more accurate Time Studies

    Previously, Toyoda engineers were hand-plotting and manually calculating machining times. This method is error-prone and takes dozens of hours per project.

    SolidCAM has provided a solution with our powerful simulation and setup sheets. Now, thanks to SolidCAM, Toyoda Engineers accurately estimate cycle times and tooling requirements for turnkey and ROI projections in a fraction of the time!

    2. The iMachining Edge

    To win a sale against another competing machine tool vendor, JTEKT Toyoda must provide an estimate of how quickly a Toyoda machine will produce a machined component.

    By leveraging SolidCAM's iMachining, Toyoda comes out far ahead on the performance rating! And because of the amazing iMachining Wizard, there is no guesswork! The machining time and simulations created with SolidCAM are accurate and results are guaranteed!

    3. Accurate Machine Simulation

    The machinist, by nature, is a visual creature. By adding a fully rendered, kinematically accurate, machine simulation to the sales process, Toyoda is dazzling prospects and closing the loop by demonstrating a 1:1 representation of not only the prospect's machining process, but checking for collisions with the tool, holder, and even the fixture!

    SolidCAM is the "dealer's choice" for every new Toyoda machine sold in the U.S.

    Toyoda's partnership with SolidCAM has become one of their most powerful differentiators today. Toyoda will now recommend that every customer should buy SolidCAM because our 5-star support, post processors, simulation, and iMachining are simply the best in the market!