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SolidCAM sets new level of support for even a very experienced CAM user!

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  • SolidCAM sets new level of support for even a very experienced CAM user!

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    Tell us about your experience I'm just learning Solidcam. I have tons of cam experience, mostly Gibbs. Mark helped me today to figure out how to chamfer my part. He also let me know I have some training hours I can take advantage. He was the third person I've talked to since I installed the demo on my personal computer. Today was the first day at the new position. Everyone I've dealt with has been great. I've gone from a little skeptical, to fully on board and excited to use Solidcam. The program seems extremely capable, the learning content available online is endless. Top that off with the best support I've ever seen, I'm pretty impressed so far.
    First Name Matt
    Last Name Wood
    Company Mine Cable Services
    Email [email protected]
    Support Member Name (Admin Only) Pimentel

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    Hi Shaun,

    Excellent – SolidCAM is the easiest CAM system to learn and to use.

    The SolidCAM “User Model” – the way a system reveals its core principles and strategy to a new user – is absolutely superior, and new customers become comfortable with SolidCAM, in a matter of days. Having understood this super-important core “User Model” quite fast, new customers continue to acquire the additional miscellaneous details.

    I remember Erik Forwith saying, it took him more than 2 years to become comfortable enough with Esprit, to be confident that what he sees on the screen, is what will be transferred correctly to the CNC machine!

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh