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Customer feedback on help from Kevin Rankl for Multi-depth Drilling

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  • Customer feedback on help from Kevin Rankl for Multi-depth Drilling

    From: Daneen Leonard


    Once again we have outshined our competition in the CAM market with our support and we continue to make SolidCAM an incredible name! Please see email below (highlighted section) on the incredible support Kevin Rankl provided to John at Tecomet this past weekend. As John states, this was on Kevin’s own personal time! Thanks for once again going above and beyond and providing unmatched service to our customers, Kevin!

    Hi Daneen,

    Yes, thank you. I will need a formal quote to forward to the purchasing department. For now let’s do it on my Dongle. We can add them as needed moving forward. My dongle is 67302.

    By the way. I am very impressed with the level of service I received this past weekend. I took a shot and emailed Kevin Rankl on a Saturday hoping to get some assistance with the multi-depth drilling function and was shocked when he took time away from his family off regular hours to make sure I had what I needed to move forward with my programs. I feel guilty in taking advantage of his generosity but it really did help me get what was needed to the floor in a timely manner. I know in dealing with other CAM companies that this isn’t the norm.

    John Kaminski | Sr. CNC Programmer | 170 New Boston St. | Woburn, MA 01801