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New Automatic Hole Recognition and Machining

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  • New Automatic Hole Recognition and Machining

    AHRM (Automatic Hole Recognition and Machining) is reconfigured by:

    1. Keeping the current powerful Automatic Hole Recognition portion.

    2. Updating the Current Machining portion:

    2.1 Getting the Shape of the drills from the Hole Recognition step and combining the shapes into Machinable features.
    2.2 Parameters are assigned automatically to these Hole features, similar to the SolidWorks Hole Wizard parameters (that define completely what is needed to drill the hole).
    2.3 We then use the same logic of machining processes that work already for the Hole Wizard processes.

    See recording:

    Emil Somekh

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    The latest enhancements are quite good. Really good job by product management and development.

    Next steps IMHO:

    Very important for fully integrated CAD/CAM automation for drilling: Honor the design intent of patterned holes - Linear patterns, circular ones, patterning along curves, etc.

    This means that when a hole is the result of a pattern feature, the CAM engine querys the original pattern definition and honors it, including suppressed instances.

    A circular pattern in the CAD tree triggers the creation of an equivalent toolpath circular pattern in Solidcam.

    This enables Solidcam to work better in scenarios where models are built via automation like family tables, iLogic, iParts, iAssemblies, etc. (Inventor jargon - The same exists for Solidworks under different names).

    This is the most efficient and correct way to use the model intelligence and the design intent, which is only available in integrated CAx systems once there's no file conversion and involvement of 3rd party CAD converters bringing dumb solids to the host CAD.

    Standalone CAM systems, which are the majority of Solidcam direct competitors, cannot do anything about it and have to consume dumb solids. Solidcam can approach this differently though if the geometry is created by the host CAD.

    Pattern driven hole making toolpaths are the ultimate stage in full CAx integration concerning hole making IMHO.
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