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4th Axis Indexial Rotation Angle for 3D Toolpath (HSS)

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  • 4th Axis Indexial Rotation Angle for 3D Toolpath (HSS)

    Looking for some help with a customer's request. The customer is using a HSS toolpath to finish the inside of a part but the direction of the toolpath will collide with the fixturing, as seen in the attached picture. In 2.5D operations there is an option to index along the 4th axis which is an option that would help here. I do not see this sort of option in the 3D operations. I have attempted to use a MCO to index the table before the HSS operation (as seen in the attached picture) but the table resets back to the original position for the HSS operation. What other options or techniques could be employed to achieve this clearance?
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    Dear Mark,

    Such an option is available only for the SolidCAM2021 version. Please check the attached image.

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      Excellent! This will be a very useful option for our customers.