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Comparing THSR (Turbo HSR) & THSM (Turbo HSM) with HSR & HSM

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  • Comparing THSR (Turbo HSR) & THSM (Turbo HSM) with HSR & HSM

    Continuing what Emil wrote, I will be making a series of differences between THSR & HSR , THSM & HSM.

    This should give us an in-depth look into the Turbo technologies, which we implemented in the last 2 years.

    Some striking features that are in THSR & THSM are as follows:
    • New Generation HSM Engine.
    • Built on 64 Bit Architecture.
    • Extremely fast Toolpath Calculations - Even for pretty large parts.
    • Full gouge check including holder.
    • Undercut stock recognition in THSR
    • Possibility to provide upto 90% of Tool Diameter as stepover for Flat tools in THSR - With Corner Peg removal switched on.
    • Bare minimum definition of Parameters in THSM.
    • Rest roughing toolpaths have bare minimum or no retracts as compared to HSR.
    • Robust ARC fitting functionality.
    • Ability to control feed rates in tight areas (Corners).
    Over the next few posts, I will explain in detail the THSR & THSM features & also attach images and parts, which you can use for training/demos.

    Amod Onkar
    3D Mill & Sim5X Product Manager

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    Today , Let's look at the CPU usage of both HSR & THSR for the same part:

    LARGE PART.png

    CPU Utilization when using HSR - Contour Roughing. You can see that all the processors are not fully loaded.


    CPU Utilization when using THSR - Contour Roughing. All the processors are 100% loaded - the more # of cores fully loaded translates to much faster calculation.



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      Today, let's look at another feature that will help you stand up to the competition.

      With HSR, we were limited to the step-over being about 50-60% of the tool diameter - anything more than that would result in material being left out in the toolpath corners. See the example seen below.


      However, with Turbo HSR there is no such limitation. You can give theoretically up to 99% of the tool diameter as a step over. The corner material is automatically removed by extending the passes. The is taken care of by enabling "Remove Corner Pegs" from under Passes ==> Smoothing Tab.


      Amod Onkar
      3D Mill & Sim5X Product Manager

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