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  • iMachining for NX

    Is there anyone selling iMachining for NX?

    Do you have customer stories?

    Ilker Uludag

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    We have customers for iMachining for NX in US, Germany, Russia and China.

    SpaceX have bought 5 seats of iMachining for NX.

    I will ask Shaun to add more info about them.

    Emil Somekh


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      We have almost 30 seats of iMachining for NX at about 17 customers in the US. These were primarily sold through NX dealers.

      We have found that the NX dealers are not successful in selling iMachining for NX for a variety of reasons, so we will be starting a direct sales push, once the new version is released, latest in March 2021.

      At this point, most of the customers are really eager for the new release, so the excitement is starting to build again.

      Shaun Mymudes
      SolidCAM Inc
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        Hello everyone!

        We had iMachining for NX sales in Russia!

        Look here for example of this at customer Starline:

        CAM Systems
        SolidCAM Reseller in Russia


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          Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

          As you see above, we already have sales in several countries of iMachining for NX.

          We are releasing a new powerful version of iMachining for NX in March, that we were upgrading for the last 2 years.

          This new version shares the code of iMachining with our regular SolidCAM iMachining; so any change we make in iMachining for SolidCAM is automatically updated in iMachining for NX.

          We know that we have a great potential of sales of iMachining for NX worldwide.

          There are already more than 80,000 NX CAM seats installed worldwide, according to latest CIMDATA report.

          Each of these NX CAM seats has the potential to be upgraded with our great iMachining technology by selling our iMachining for NX add-on to the customer.

          NX CAM does not have any operation that is remotely close to the power of our 2D and 3D iMachining. Look at Adaptive machining in NX CAM:

          Another competitor is Volumill for NX fom Celeretive technologies

          However Volumill is nowhere even close to iMachining - it is a much inferior technology!

          We were already able to replace many Volumill for NX add-ons with iMachining for NX add-ons.

          We are therefore very excited to launch our new iMachining for NX version in March.

          We have an immense potential for sales for so many NX CAM seats worldwide.

          Best Regards,
          Emil Somekh


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            I spoke with the former owner of Volumill for NX's Master Reseller in US last year and he mentioned that they had very good success selling hundreds of seats of Volumill into NX accounts.

            This proves that the need is out there and that NX users want more than what NX CAM can deliver.

            We also know that Volumill has none of the power of our patented iMachining toolpaths and does not have anything similar to our amazing iMachining Wizard.

            Basically, many Volumill users were left wanting more.

            Once the our new version of SolidCAM for NX releases, we should be arranging as many trials as possible, because this is how most NX customers purchase; they want to use it first before they purchase.

            The great thing is that NX CAM users are usually from larger companies, that will buy many seats of iMachining for NX if they are happy with it, without much worry about budget.

            NX CAM users also have their own forums, where they discuss add-on solutions and best practices.

            This is a huge opportunity for us, as I predict that since iMachining for NX works like iMachining does in our integrated SolidCAM solution for SolidWorks and Inventor, the news of how important it is for all NX CAM users will spread like wildfire!

            Shaun Mymudes
            SolidCAM US


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              Hi Anthony/Chris,

              We have potential customer in Brazil that want to test iMachining for NX.

              They have NX12 and we already applied a study using SC iMachining for NX that saved 40% of cutting time.

              Next step is install iMachining for NX trial to migrate the all data to lastly test on the machine.

              This is our first trial installation, I don’t know if need license or is simple selection of 30-60day trial.

              Best Regars,
              Willian Ferreira
              SolidCAM Brazil


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                Talked today with HILTI in Austria.

                They use iMachining4NX on different kind of machines Milling, Mill/Turn.

                The users don't want to cut parts without iMachining!

                Frank Barho


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                  Hi Ilker,

                  iMachining for NX new version is planned to be released by June 15.

                  All NX CAM customers using the previous version are happy, including Spacex in the US and Grob in Germany. Many customers have multi-seats.

                  iMachining for NX is a great product to sell:
                  1. Proven iMachining advantages to the customer.
                  2. No POST support needed
                  3. Minimal training - just iMachining
                  4. Practically no need for technical support

                  Giving seats for 3 month evaluation is the best way to sell it

                  Best Regards,


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                    iMachining2D for NX


                    Chris Calderone
                    SolidCAM Inc


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                      Which is the oldest version of NX that is supported by SolidCAM iMachining for NX ? It is also common that most NX users stay on the old versions!