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CAD/CAM integrated solution - Benefit of SC utilities and CAD features

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  • CAD/CAM integrated solution - Benefit of SC utilities and CAD features

    In a time where industrial talk about industry 4.0 and Digital continuity, we should all insists on why SolidCAM CAD/CAM integrated solution is better than a CAD+CAM separated solution.

    From our website, all our users can download SolidCAM utilities that allow to convert SolidWorks files in medium tolerance before to start SolidCAM project.

    That's a very important point for SolidCAM users because:

    -It's a major advantage that reinforce the importance of integrated CAD/CAM solution compared to a separated CAD+CAM solution (VS Esprit, MasterCAM etc)

    -It's a point that CAD/CAM competitors demonstrate and that can be decisive at the beginning of demonstration if we miss it.

    Tolerance handling is a difficulty that any CAM programmer/Machinist meets when come time to work on imported CAD model .
    By getting native SW files, machinist can add tolerances and convert 3D model to medium tolerance in one click before start machining through SolidCAM.
    By this way SolidCAM users maximize the chance to get a machined part inside tolerance on machine.

    SC utilities - Switch tolerance in medium tolerances.png

    " Direct editing " features of SW are also some important CAD features to handle tolerance in case of CAM programming from imported CAD model.
    " 3D interconnect " feature of SW is also a major advantages regarding other integrated CAD/CAM solution or compared to separated CAD+CAM solution.
    It allow to keep links with imported CAD model / CATIA / ProE / IV / NX native formats and STEP/IGES importation formats trough SolidWorks and SolidCAM files.

    These subjects, as well as the importance to store CAD and CAM data in a PDM always come to the table when I'm doing demonstration against French competitors that claims also the advantage of integrated CAD/CAM solution.
    It's also a recurrent thematic when we a address medium/ big sized company.

    I wanted to share this feedback if SolidCAM network meet this situation also.

    Future challenge for CAM solutions are not only about CAM strategies or Feature, it's also (or maybe mainly) about data management
    By the way, It's the reason why SolidCAM France recommend to their customers internal CAM project rather than external CAM project and push SC development into this way.

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    Great! We, the Russian company "KAMSISTEMY", have made a significant breakthrough in this area, and have developed a much more functional module for work, it is available in both English and Russian! The capabilities of this module are not only for technologists, but also for designers ! And the functionality allows you to work in all possible solutions! You can find it at the link on our channel !


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        We use InventorCAM with Autodesk Vault PDM globalizing and centralizing all InventorCAM settings for all locations worldwide.

        Think about managing all your post-processors, MachSims, templates, imachining DBs... Globally...

        Multiple facilities, same data... Collaboration at its finest at the enterprise level... These are all side benefits of integrated CAD/CAM/PDM...

        Tolerance handling in Integrated CAM is not even a possibility in standalone CAM.

        It's the difference between working for your CAM system or having a CAM system that works for you.
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