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Tekyaz amazing launch event of SolidCAM2021

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  • Tekyaz amazing launch event of SolidCAM2021

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Resellers,

    Every existing SolidCAM customer, whether on subscription or not, and every SolidCAM prospect, must be exposed in-depth to the powerful new functionalities of the SolidCAM2021 version.

    Tekyaz, SolidCAM's Best Reseller in 2020, with more than 1,800 SolidCAM customers, had made a great SolidCAM2021 launch event in Turkey on June 19.

    There were more than 1,500 registrants and an average of 600 online attendees during the 4-hr event.

    I presented an opening message to all online attendees:

    Many technical presentations were then provided by Tekyaz technical staff, on the new functions of the various SolidCAM2021 modules.

    Ilker Uludag, Tekyaz CEO, masterfully managed all the marketing and sales messages and discussions during the event.

    There were continuous Chat channels being managed by Tekyaz staff during the sessions.

    This amazing event was the fastest and most effective way to launch SoluidCAM2021 to all Tekyaz customers and prospects.

    We encourage you all to have similar events.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh
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    GROB Shanghai Technology Open Day-SolidCAM software helps the aerospace manufacturing industry.
    On January 21, 2021
    , GROB (GROB) held a technology open day event with the theme of Efficient Processing-Helping Aerospace at its Shanghai Technology Center. GROB and German SCHUNK (SCHUNK), Swedish Seco Tools (SECO), Israel SolidCAM software, Basso cutting fluid, Sonnett company jointly presented in the entire cutting manufacturing chain, CNC machine tools, tools, fixtures, CAM The advanced technology and competitive solutions of precision machining related links such as software simulation and cutting fluid help the majority of precision machining enterprises to solve practical problems, improve machining efficiency, and reduce manufacturing costs. Nearly 100 people from aerospace and other companies participated in this event.
    Mr. Wang Biao, Sales Director of GROB China, shared the development history of GROB.
    Mr. Zuo Jun, the distributor and technical service provider of SolidCAM software in East China, Wuxi Tops Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech.
    Wuxi Tops Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a distributor and technical service provider of Israel's SolidCAM software in Eastern China. It has more than 10 years of software sales and technical service experience. In multi-axis milling processing, multi-channel slitting processing and other processing fields, it has accumulated numerous customer cases and experience, customers in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical, general machinery and other fields.
    Wuxi Tops has a deep engineering background and together with SolidCAM, helps companies achieve significant improvements in product quality and production efficiency, and effectively promotes manufacturing companies to achieve their established goals.
    Mr. Lu Qingyang, technical manager of SolidCAM, gave a detailed introduction to SolidCAM's efficient machining solutions in the aerospace field.
    In the exhibition hall of GROB Shanghai Technology Center, from aerospace and some auto parts processing companies, on-site test cutting of GROB machine tools, Basso cutting fluid, SCHUNK’s quick-change fixture technology, and various types of Seco Aviation tool applications, SolidCAM's iMachining application, Sonnett's worm-driven powerful high-precision tool chuck, all showed strong interest. There was a warm and full technical exchange on site.
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