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It is SolidCAM2021 time - so leverage it to the MAXIMUM!

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  • It is SolidCAM2021 time - so leverage it to the MAXIMUM!

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    In your careers as Managers, Sales, and Technical people, you will have maybe one or two times when you are absolutely in the right place at the right time, and everything is in your favor. And this is one of those times – so leverage SolidCAM2021 time to the MAXIMUM!

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    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh
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    Dongguan Faxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
    The company is located in Jinming International Industrial Mould City, No. 33, Fuxing Road, Xiagang, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. Faxin Machinery is a high-end CNC machine tool service provider that specializes in providing high-rigidity, high-precision, and ultra-stable CNC machine tools, walking machines and CNC machining centers from Japanese brands.
    Since its establishment in 2014, the company has achieved good results with the efforts of all colleagues, market reputation, and certain influence, and has been recognized and affirmed by STAR Japan. Behind the honor of being awarded the STAR Excellent Agent of the Year, there are more responsibilities and missions on the shoulders.
    The company expressed its help: Our Chinese companies leverage more sophisticated production equipment to build our stronger national brand, and let China influence the world!
    In the future, let us work harder, continue to grow, provide enterprises with more professional products and services, and go hand in hand together!
    The picture shows that Mr. Zhang from China had a technical and software exchange with the company. The company had been using UG before, but in the end the company bought our SolidCAM software!
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