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"Edge Breaking" | Output format: 3 Axis

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  • "Edge Breaking" | Output format: 3 Axis

    The new module "Edge Breaking" can also be used for 3-Axis-Machine.

    Be aware that normally 3-Axis-Postprocessors don't have @move_5x & @line_5x.

    Maybe our development could change in the case of 3-Axis to @rapid_move & @line like in HSS?

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    Great Idea! and I think more .....

    We could create an Automatic 5axis package for prismatic parts that contains: 3+2 for Multi rouging positions + Edge breaking + Multi axis drilling

    It could be very useful for Multi-position parts, and I am sure it will be useful to many customers.

    There are 3 issues:
    1. 3+2 roughing user interface need to be enhanced
    2. In Multi-axis drilling we need to combine the Thread milling option as part of the operation.
    3. To make it as an option, without the need of the customer to get a full Sim 5 axis package.