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3 years journey to best SolidCAM2021 G-code

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  • 3 years journey to best SolidCAM2021 G-code

    This topic will provide a brief insight into testing of G-code and also bring a sense of safe version.

    This story starts already in the beginning of year 2018! Due to the increasingly complex CNC machines (advanced Mill-Turns, Swiss type, Angular heads) it was necessary to rewrite the entire code for all coordinate sets. At that moment a special branch SC2018Coordinates sets filtering was born.

    To support and check all ideas from product manager Michael Vinetsky and main developer of G-code Sophia Efros, it was necessary to grasp the testing from the other end.

    The changes were in two main points:
    1. An automatic database was created to ensure a perfect overview and control over the issues.
    2. A New approach to Issue Life Cycle

    Automatic Database

    The Automatic database consists of various machines, operations, transformations, etc.

    We created a new universal postprocessor which compares clearly defined (manually calculated) values, with output from G-code. Each issue is assigned with special identificator and it’s called a “Case”. In each Case is approximately 6 checked variables of G-code.

    It means that 930 test cases * 6 variables = approx. 5,580 covered variables. All of them are alive and daily tested.

    Issue Life Cycle

    Once the issue is reported and fixed, it’s added to the automatic database, which is periodically tested to ensure that this specific issue will never appear at the customer side again.


    The table below shows the total number of reported issues in the G-code.
    ​Version of Solidcam 2016​ 2017​ 2018​ 2019​ 2020 2021
    Reported issues​ 531​ 272​ 122​ 94 195 ??
    Critical ​ 64​ 28​ 14​ ​8 4 We estimate 0!
    Years of testing brings excellent results.
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