Integration strategy: Having adopted quite early our integration strategy in SolidWorks (and Autodesk Inventor), enabled us to concentrate all our R&D power in developing the best CAM functionality, with our machining customers enjoying the CAD capabilities of the most popular solid CAD systems in the market.

SolidCAM & iMachining presentation:

Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-type videos
Advanced Mill-Turn (Citizen + Iscar):
Mill-Turn for Swiss-type Star:
Mill-Turn & Swiss in SolidCAM2021:

iMachining videos
iMachining in Mill-Turn:
Impeller 5X & iMachining3D:
iMachining 3D for Mold:

Multi-Channel simulation:

Erik Forwith interview on high-end machining:

SolidCAM2021 & SolidCAM strategy in 2021:

SolidCAM Worldwide 2021 summit intro:

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