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Happy Customers are the secret weapon in selling SolidCAM.

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  • Happy Customers are the secret weapon in selling SolidCAM.

    Marketing is essential to selling SolidCAM, but one often overlooked way to generate leads and sales is having a strong customer base motivated to recommend/sell SolidCAM for you.

    One such great referral partner is Sven Klatt, with Vineburg Machining in
    Mound House, NV. Sven Klatt says exactly what he means, and often that involves telling other people about his experiences with the power and great service that comes from SolidCAM. He even has done a video success story about SolidCAM that is available on YouTube as well as on SolidCAM’s website.

    In the past, Sven has also been instrumental in at least 4 other major deals where he not only introduced the SolidCAM Sales Team to the prospective customer but actually did a large percentage of the selling in terms of product demonstration and explaining the advantages of SolidCAM’s products and support team.

    Oracle Firearms Company may not have had CAD or CAM systems, but they knew exactly what they want, and what they want is exactly what Sven recommended. Dan Roberts, SolidCAM’s Veteran Hunter in the US, says, “I pushed them for the demo to make sure that what they need is what we can provide and to present them with options, so it’s not overkill, but he wasn’t having it. He just said that he wanted exactly what Sven has, no questions, no discussions, and not even a demonstration was needed! Sven clearly did the heavy lifting.

    According to Dan, “ultimately, it was quote, ..pull the trigger, done! Works for me!”

    Another win for Sven, another win for SolidCAM!

    Shaun Mymudes
    SolidCAM Inc