In order to achieve a high quality webcam signal for meetings in Messenger such as Skype, Microsoft Teams and also for webinars or other broadcast platforms, you need a few components. This is a description of my personal setup:

You can use any webcam, but of course there are really good ones too. For the highest quality, you can use real DSLRs or system cameras with adapters. But you can also get good results with webcams. I'm using the best webcam I could find. The name is "Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Business Webcam".

Image quality is a lot about lighting, especially if you want to use a custom background. If you want to get the most out of it, I can recommend these lights, which can be fully software controlled:

Green screen (optional)
Messenger sometimes have tools for removing your background. This is an option, but not a really good looking solution. You need a chroma key panel for perfection. In general, you can use anything in your physical background, that has a specific key color. This would be a professional green screen:

Composition software (optional)
To professionally replace a background with a custom image, or to display your desktop in addition to your face, you need software. Here you put together different scenes and the tool generates a virtual webcam signal that you can select for your meeting or webinar. In my case I chose the following tool:

Microphone (optional)
In order to get your message across successfully, a good audio input is important. Built-in microphones in webcams are of the lowest quality, headsets are much better. For the best quality and if you don't want to wear a headset, you can use an external microphone. For example, a good plug and play option is this USB microphone:

Just give me a call on Skype ( to see such a setup in action or if you need more information.