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Important webinar on new SolidCAM simulator

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  • Important webinar on new SolidCAM simulator

    Register now for the 'What's New in SolidCAM 2021 - NEW SolidCAM Simulator' webinar -

    Presented by Anthony Calderone

    DATE: February 11, 2021
    TIME: 1:00 pm GMT / 8:00 am US Eastern

    We are excited to announce and present the NEW SolidCAM Simulator.

    The all new SolidCAM Simulator merges all previous Simulation Modes into a single environment, and takes advantage of today's 64-bit Multi-core CPU architecture and Multi-Monitor environment.

    From parallel loading of Simulation data, to parallel solid verification calculation, the SolidCAM Simulator will utilize today's CPUs to maximum extent.

    The new Simulator is also "fully self-contained", allowing you to keep it open and working during your entire CAM session.

    This exciting webinar will highlight the following:
    • 64-bit Multi-Core support
    • Multi-Monitor support
    • Embedded graphics into SolidWorks Graphics View
    • High Quality rendering
    • Default Themes to match existing modes; Solid Verify, 3D Simulation, 2D Turning
    • "Heavy Part" Theme that is optimized for large models or complex HSM/HSS/5-axis toolpaths
    • "Machine Time" mode to play simulation at real machining time, with controllable playback speed factor
    • Intuitive "Compare Stock to Target", to easily visualize remaining stock amounts
    • Play simulation in reverse, with Solid Verify adding material back for each tool movement
    • Pickable Toolpath and Tool Dragging

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    Hi Emil, Anthony,

    Today's webinar is now on YouTube, uploaded to Box and on our website in both the 'Latest Webinars' area and 'Resellers Area'. Links for the YouTube version and Box download are below.




    Jack Maner
    Media Manager
    SolidCAM Inc.
    [email protected]
    Skype: jack.maner