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SolidCAM2021SP3 - What's new in GPP and VMID

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  • SolidCAM2021SP3 - What's new in GPP and VMID

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    SolidCAM2021 SP3 is released and along with it, we are sharing with you What's new in GPP and VMID document which includes also changes done from the SP1 and SP2 releases as well.

    Download Link

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    Daniel, please can you put all GPP & VMID news form the beginning of SolidCAM 2021 into one PDF? Currently we have two PDF's.
    Thanks Frank


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      Hi Frank,

      Two documents are not compatible to be merged, as they have different page sizes and schema layouts. In general, the idea is to release documents per each SP release.
      If you want to keep it all in one PDF for your internal needs, download both documents and merge them into one with the fee online PDF websites available. I've recently used this one and worked well: