Up-To-Date Post-Processor webinar - Part 2 presented by Mladen Otasevic and Daniel Djurica.

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00:00 - Starting soon

01:25 - Introduction

05:05 - New parameter page added under Working Style into .VMID - "ToolKit"

13:15 - Using user_tool_offset in SC2021

16:53 - hupos is restored in @drill_point procedure

20:00 - Using variables Tool_origin_position_x,y,z for tool origin position

24:35 - Showing new variables station_name_in_turret and station_angle_in_turret

28:50 - behind the scenes on the part_tool_tag, next_tool_tag_on_turret, next_part_tool_tag_on_turret variables

33:22 - Handling the 4x Face with tilt plane parameter

42:22 - Using get last job number in channel

44:45 - Effective management of Drive Units output - is_drive_unit_shared

48:40 - Effective management of Drive Units output - is_last_job_using_drive_unit

In this webinar series, we are demonstrating the most usable get functions and how to practically use them in every Post-Processor.

There are also a lectures on how to handle the conversion between versions and support new features available in SolidCAM 2021.

The webinar series is targeted to all who already have knowledge about the basics of GPPL Syntax.

SolidCAM Settings application: https://www.evernote.com/l/Al3IK9i1-z5Lb7nSrz9CkKUNl6S5u2JHuNM/

Presentation tool used in the webinar: https://www.evernote.com/l/Al39itppFkxL5J39UDdhkOZAp94IXePQXpQ/