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SolidCAM2021SP0 - What's new in GPP and VMID

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  • SolidCAM2021SP0 - What's new in GPP and VMID

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    SolidCAM2021 SP0 was released on the 15th of January. Please take a look at What’s new in GPP and VMID document. There are many improvements in features, functions, and variables that will help you in your daily routines in writing Post-Processors.

    We are going to continue to release the same document for each SP release of SolidCAM/InventorCAM!

    Yes we CAM!

    Daniel Durica

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    Can anyone discuss something that is New in 2021 regarding the tpos, topos and rtpos variables no longer being recognized internally?
    Evidently these variables have been obsoleted, but I have not found an explanation yet... Any detailed information would really be helpful, this is impacting legacy posts.


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      Hupos was also removed in 2021. While not used in a lot of native SOLIDCAM posts, this was something that was used in the APT SOLIDCAM post solution for CAMPLETE.