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SolidCAM salesperson duties

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  • SolidCAM salesperson duties

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    With our amazing SolidCAM product, we SELL Great VALUE to our lucky customers..

    We have been developing SolidCAM for 37 years, and every machine shop customer needs it and should get it!

    It is the duty of our sales staff to fulfill their sales tasks in the best possible way.

    Each salesperson and Assistant Salesperson must:
    1. Know deeply about the technical aspects of the software and talk about them fluently and comfortably
    2. Know the amazing iMachining 2D/3D main technology and advantages
    3. Know our SolidWorks integration great advantages
    4. Know the power of our Sim5X solution
    5. Know the power of our Advanced mill-turn and Swiss solution
    6. Know our automation functions (Hole Wizard, Pocket recognition, Chamfer recognition, Machining processes, templates..)
    7. Know the power and flexibility of our post processors

    Regarding subscription upgrades, they must understand in-depth why customers do not do subscriptions, in addition to cost issues:
    a. Customer is used to his old version and does not want to change
    b. Worried about potential post-processor issues, they want to avoid when updating versions
    c. Must explain clearly main technical advantages of the latest version you want them to upgrade to

    They should not, for every technical question, refer to a technical staff!! They must be able to answer clearly and succinctly such questions, otherwise, they cannot do their new sales, subscription, and upsell (additional modules) job..

    Also in addition to selling Subscriptions, in every call, they should promote also iMachining2D & iMachining3D, if the customer is missing any of them; they must be very convincing regarding iMachining great advantages..

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh