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Blending Video Calls into the Sales and Account management processes

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  • Blending Video Calls into the Sales and Account management processes

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners staff,

    Please make sure starting Jan 2022 to start using webcam video in your calls to prospects and customers.

    I use Zoom, which has an added bonus feature – transforming a regular phone call into an online meeting without interrupting the conversatio

    Use the nice option in ZOOM where you could start the call with the telephone, and then when you feel the talk with the prospect is going well, with one click you transform a regular phone call into an online meeting, without interrupting the conversation, and the prospect sees the video also on his smartphone. This intensifies the connection with the prospect or customer to a great extent.

    Logitech Webcam:

    Blending Video Calls into the Sales and Account management processes helps you become much more productive and accelerates significantly your pipeline velocity process.

    Because prospects and customers are able to see your facial expressions and body language, your words carry more credibility. Video calls open the door to deeper relationships, emotional connections, and trust - they are the next best thing to actual physical face-to-face meetings!

    One of the most effective points in the sales process to leverage video calls is the initial meeting. The objective of the initial sales meeting is threefold:
    1. Make a great first impression and develop an emotional connection with the prospect.
    2. Better qualify the opportunity.
    3. Generate enough interest with the prospect to motivate him to move to the next step of the sales process.

    The efficiency you gain by shifting initial meetings to video calls, more than makes up for not being there face-to-face. You will be able to meet and qualify more prospects, resulting in a bigger pipeline and more sales. The connections, credibility, and trust you build over a video will result in a higher show rate on the next steps and a higher conversion rate overall.

    Obviously, video calls are also excellent for the Account management process with existing customers, convincing them about subscription, and upsell of more modules (iMachining..) and more seats.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh