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Powerful SolidCAM messaging: iMachining advantages!

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  • Powerful SolidCAM messaging: iMachining advantages!

    Dear SolidCAM Sales staff,

    When you make potential customer calls of physically visit, you must be ready with the best standard messaging (verbatim!!) about the advantages of SolidCAM software:

    Unique patented amazing technology that saves 70% and more in machining cycle time and increases cutting tool life 5 times and more; great, especially for hard materials and very small cutting tools..

    The iMachining special toolpath is mostly morphed spiral toolpath, with some trochoidal toolpath – the most efficient form of toolpath there is..

    In addition, it has the amazing iMachining Wizard that automatically calculates optimal feeds and speeds for every point of the toolpath, for any type of stock material you cut, taking into account the cutting tool and CNC machine parameters.

    So, with the Wizard, it’s like having a 30-year very experienced master in CNC machining at your side, and when cutting new types of material, you avoid the guesswork and trial and error when choosing the cutting conditions.

    A CNC shop with SolidCAM iMachining is a lucky one, with a dramatically increased profit bottom line!

    Sounds amazing but unbelievable! Read on our website hundreds of iMachining success stories at our current SolidCAM customers..

    When you join our demo, give us a Part you already machined, and we will show you the iMachining toolpath and simulation time – you can then compare with your current cutting time for that part.


    No other technology can compare or come close to iMachining, not Dynamic Mill of MasterCAM, Profit Milling of Esprit, Volumill or others.

    iMachining is the only toolpath that guarantees constant tool load on the tool, at every point of the toolpath, by constantly varying the cutting angle and feed, as needed, at each toolpath point.

    All so-called competitors cannot guarantee constant tool load and therefore cannot have a technology Wizard, like iMachining.

    Best Regards,