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Powerful SolidCAM Messaging - Advantages over MasterCAM

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  • Powerful SolidCAM Messaging - Advantages over MasterCAM

    Dear SolidCAM Sales team,

    When you make cold calls, you must be ready with the best standard messaging (verbatim!!) about the advantages of SolidCAM software:

    Advantages over MasterCAM
    1. MasterCAM in SolidWorks integration version is a failure, and now they said they are officially stopping it. So, if the machine shop customer uses SolidWorks, he will be very excited to use SolidCAM, which is seamlessly integrated and associative with the SolidWorks model.

    2. SolidCAM amazing iMachining is far superior to MasterCAM's Dynamic Milling - the iMachining module maintains constant tool load, by varying the feed according to the cutting angle, generating efficient morphed spiral and trochoidal tool paths, where machining time is drastically reduced (70% and more), and tool life is dramatically increased (5 times and more).

    Also, iMachining has the amazing iMachining Wizard that automatically calculates optimal feeds and speeds, for every point of the toolpath, taking into account the stock material properties, cutting tool type, and machine tool parameters. That takes away the guesswork in setting the cutting conditions - a major advantage to all machinists - the more experienced and the less experienced.

    ​See this presentation on iMachining vs so-called competitors:

    3. Very user-friendly and intuitive SolidCAM user interface: Users, with extensive experience in both systems, say it takes between 30% to 50% more time to do similar tasks in MasterCAM compared to SolidCAM - CAM programmers' time is an expensive commodity to waste.

    4. SolidCAM is completely superior in Multi-Channel Mill-Turn machining, with the best multi-channel synchronization and simulation.

    5. MasterCAM has officially stopped their Swiss Expert software, which was a total failure. SolidCAM Swiss-type machining is the best in the world and MasterCAM has nothing to offer today for Swiss!

    6. Our SolidCAM2021 simulation capabilities are far superior to MasterCAM’s.

    7. Our new tool table, in SolidCAM2021, is far more advanced than MasterCAM’s one.

    8. Our flexible, easily customizable post-processors are far superior to MasterCAM's posts.

    Customer Success stories against MasterCAM:

    Additional important points regarding MasterCAM replacement:

    MasterCAM customer question: I have four CAM programmers expert on MasterCAM – do I have to move them all to SolidCAM?

    Answer: No, start with only one seat of SolidCAM, easily train one of your programmers, who will use it for a couple of months – as you will see the advantages of integration and associativity with SolidWorks, the amazing iMachining results, and the amazing SolidCAM solution for advanced mill-turn and Swiss CNCs, you can move the other programmers to SolidCAM

    MasterCAM customer question: We have hundreds of CAM Parts already programmed in MasterCAM – what do we do if we need to manufacture them again?

    Answer: You obviously keep one seat of MasterCAM for creating the Gcode for machining these parts again. But if you believe it will be much more productive if you use iMachining, then it is worthwhile for you to program them again with SolidCAM.

    Emil Somekh