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Remarkable Salesmanship gets the customer to purchase SolidCAM, without even a demo!

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  • Remarkable Salesmanship gets the customer to purchase SolidCAM, without even a demo!

    A new prospect researched us through the online chat log and was directed to one of our top hunters (account managers), Daniel Roberts. Daniel was told by our veteran support specialist, Tim Mika, that the prospect mentioned he had spoken with someone at SolidCAM in the past because he had our EZ Own Packages Pricing flyer. Daniel mentioned to him that in addition to honoring the pricing he had, SolidCAM had a promo through the end of the month, if he hurries and buys. This lit the fire under the customer to act fast.

    The customer was set on 2D standard because of the low price, but based on having multiple programmers, Daniel mentioned it would make more sense to have 2 seats instead of 1 because the price is so affordable. He also mentioned the network license and why this also made sense for his situation.

    Daniel did try to push 2D pro with iMachining, but the customer was balking at the price. At first, he was not open to a demo but came around and a demo was scheduled for next week to show him the value of upgrading to 2D Pro with iMachining.

    The final selling point was the longer he waits, the longer it will take for him to get a post. The customer was very motivated by this and SolidCAM just got the order without even having to do a demo because he was so eager to get in the Post Processor queue.

    Daniel commented: "this is the first time I sold something at SolidCAM without a demo"

    Truly a shocking success by being persistent, professional, and understanding the customer!
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