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Powerful SolidCAM Messaging - Advantages over Esprit

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  • Powerful SolidCAM Messaging - Advantages over Esprit

    Dear SolidCAM Sales team,

    When you make cold calls, you must be ready with the best standard messaging (verbatim!!) about the advantages of SolidCAM software:

    Advantages over Esprit:
    • Esprit has no integration to SolidWorks - SolidCAM is seamlessly integrated in Solidworks:
    1. In Esprit, importing models sometimes creates issues where models lose integrity and needed “workarounds” to create tool paths in affected areas.
    2. Integration into SolidWorks provides toolpath associativity - so if a model changes, all toolpaths are automatically updated.
    • Esprit’s Profit Milling is much inferior to iMachining - the iMachining module maintains constant tool load, by varying the feed according to the cutting angle, generating efficient morphed spiral and trochoidal tool paths, where machining time is drastically reduced (70% and more), and tool life is dramatically increased (5 times and more). Also, iMachining has the amazing iMachining Wizard that automatically calculates optimal feeds and speeds, for every point of the toolpath, taking into account the stock material properties, cutting tool type, and machine tool parameters. That takes away the guesswork in setting the cutting conditions - a major advantage to all machinists - the more experienced and the less experienced.
    See this presentation on iMachining vs so-called competitors:
    • The SolidCAM simulator provides so much more detail and is much easier to access - Simulation in Esprit is very slow.
    • Esprit has a completely new version: “Esprit TNG” – absolutely confusing for the thousands of existing Esprit customers, as it has a completely new User Interface and, most unbelievable, you cannot edit with it Esprit CAM Parts from previous Esprit versions! Many existing users refuse to move to “Esprit TNG” and others are considering new software instead, an opportunity for them to get SolidCAM!
    • Esprit TNG does not support Multi-Channel Mill-Turn and SWISS – so if a customer wants such support, he must buy the old Esprit version.
    • The SolidCAM Multi-Channel synchronization is totally superior to Esprit's synchronization.
    • SolidCAM Post processors are much easier to customize for specific customer needs.
    • SolidCAM is much more intuitive than Esprit- the learning curve is a lot steeper, due to a better layout of the interface.
    Watch Erik Forwith TV interview about Esprit:

    Customer Success stories against Esprit:

    Emil Somekh