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Powerful SolidCAM messages - Advantages over CAMWorks

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  • Powerful SolidCAM messages - Advantages over CAMWorks

    SolidCAM vs CAMWorks
    • SolidCAM amazing iMachining is far superior to CAMWorks Volumill- the iMachining module maintains constant tool load, by varying the feed according to the cutting angle, generating efficient morphed spiral and trochoidal tool paths, where machining time is drastically reduced(70% and more), and tool life is dramatically increased (5 times and more).
    Also, iMachining has the amazing iMachining Wizard that automatically calculates optimal feeds and speeds, for every point of the toolpath, taking into account the stock material properties, cutting tool type, and machine tool parameters. That takes away the guesswork in setting the cutting conditions - a major advantage to all machinists - the more experienced and the less experienced.

    See this presentation on iMachining vs so-called competitors:
    • SolidCAM is completely superior to CAMWorks in Multi-Channel Mill-Turn machining, with the best multi-channel synchronization and simulation.
    • SolidCAM Swiss-type machining is the best in the world, and CAMworks have very weak solution for Swiss.
    • Our SolidCAM simulation capabilities, mainly the Machine simulation, are far superior to CAMWorks
    • Our new tool table is far more advanced than the CAMworks tooltable.
    • Our robust, easily customizable post-processors for different customers’ needs are far superior to CAMWorks posts.
    • Very user-friendly and intuitive SolidCAM user interface.
    SolidCAM customer successes vs CAMWorks: