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Advantages of using SalesForce (CRM) for SolidCAM Resellers

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  • Advantages of using SalesForce (CRM) for SolidCAM Resellers

    What is SalesForce? is the most advanced CRM (Customer relationship management) platform today. Read more

    See more:

    How is SalesForce used in SolidCAM?

    SolidCAM manages all the customer data in SalesForce. For example:
    • Licenses
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Orders
    • Postprocessors
    • Leads
    What are the main advantages of using SalesForce for resellers?

    Using SalesForce gives you access to the following tools:
    • πŸ‘ Access to post-processor database. Read more
    • πŸ‘ Download all license updates for each customer.
    • πŸ‘ Generate version updates for licenses. Read more
    • πŸ‘ Lock post processors to specific licenses. Read More
    • πŸ‘ Time limit post processors. Read more
    • πŸ‘ View all license configurations for a customer.
    • πŸ‘ View tailored customer reports with license upgrade options (Examples: All licenses with HSM and without HSS)
    • πŸ‘ View all website leads (From trial registrations, Facebook, etc.)
    • πŸ‘ Manage all quotations to customers/leads and the ability to do accurate income forecasts.
    Who is entitled to use SalesForce?

    Every active reseller of SolidCAM has at least one SolidCAM certified team member.

    Presentation at SolidCAM World 2021 Virtual Summit

    More questions ?

    I am here to help:

    David Somekh / Chief Information Officer
    [email protected]
    / +972547717245 / Skype: davidsomekh1
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