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Shop Floor CNC Operator Suite: Editor/Simulator

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  • Shop Floor CNC Operator Suite: Editor/Simulator

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    SolidCAM offers the “Shop Floor Editor” version, that enables the machine operator to Open existing CAM parts, Edit them, if needed, Simulate them, and Re-Generate G-code for the CNC machine.

    The “Shop Floor Editor” is designed to be used on the shop floor, to enable editing of programs created by the SolidCAM programmers; it does not allow geometry changes.

    This Editor gives shop-floor people full control to edit programs and operations; e.g. change step down or change the tool speeds and feeds, re-calculate the operation, check the simulation, post-process the new G-code, right by the CNC machine.

    Typical use 1. The Machine Operator is working on a different shift from the CAM programmer or the CAM programmer is not available to make changes. The operator wishes to make a minor change e.g. increase or decrease the step-over for a pocket. He opens the CAM Part, opens the operation from the tree, changes the step-over parameter, re-calculates, simulates the new changes, and outputs a new G-code.

    Typical use 2. The CAM programmer is new to machining or has less experience than the Machine operator - the Shop Floor editor gives shop-floor personnel the flexibility to make minor changes, more suited to a specific application and CNC machine.

    Typical use 3. SolidCAM is used by a company who “outsources” their machining to a sub-contractor. Instead of receiving just G-code, the machine operator of the sub-contractor can receive the CAM part, check, do minor changes and simulate the process, before machining – thus understanding it better or making edits if needed.

    In the Shop Floor Editor all CAM functions are available for edit: Milling, Turning, Mill-Turn, iMachining.., and post-processing.

    • No Geometry Changes
    • Cannot create a new part.
    • Cannot create a new operation.
    • No Templates or Machining Processes.
    • No transformations.
    Our "Shop Floor Simulator" enables the Machinist to see a full simulation of the CAM Part, see the Tool table list with full details, to understand the clamping, the home positions, and to see the simulation, before running the G-code on the CNC machine..No changes to the CAM Part are allowed.

    Both products are available in SolidCAM2020 SP5 and SolidCAM2021 SP1.

    Both Shop Floor Editor and Shop Floor Simulator can be run stand-alone or inside SolidWorks.

    Geometry can be modified in the Shop Floor Editor, only if you are running inside SolidWorks.

    See here a recording of our Shop Floor Editor and Shop Floor Simulator:

    YouTube (for streaming):

    In Box (for downloading):

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh

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    Hi Emil,

    Does the customer also have to buy the modules (HSS, iMach ...) to change the processing of the jobs?

    Or are all modules activated in the shop floor editor?

    Best Regards
    Vitaly Weber


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      Hello Vitaly,

      The customer will get access to all his already-bought SolidCAM software modules.

      So a customer doesn't need to buy "modules" for the Shop-Floor editor.

      Best regards,


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        Hi Emil, how about a floating license, network? Available for a standard price for this?


        • emilsomekh
          emilsomekh commented
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          Yes we support Network solution.

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        Hi Emil,
        If our customer want to activate the "Editor'' or "Simulator" version, they need to buy another license, right? How does it relate to the current license?


        • emilsomekh
          emilsomekh commented
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          The Shop Floor Editor or Simulator is an additional separate license

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        Dear Mr Emil,

        I want my customers to use the SolidCAM Shop Floor plugin. However, the tablet, kiosk, etc., where this product will work. I could not see a document describing the technical specifications of the devices. Thanks to the Inspection manager software(,
        which we are currently distributing, many of our customers can enter measurement control forms on the tablet at the counter. I want them to use the SolidCAM Shop Floor plugin on the same tablet or kiosk. In this way, we can construct every stage of production without paper. But I do not know the technical specifications of the device on which the Shop Floor plugin will work. If there is a document can you share it with me please.


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        • emilsomekh
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          You must be able to run the SolidCAM Shop Floor Editor/Simulator (without SolidWorks) on any Windows-compatible device, with medium graphic capabilities

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        Thx Mr. Emil??


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          Do you have a download link for the new interface ? Thank you



            [email protected] commented
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            It is part of the install of 2022 SP2.
            There should be an icon on the screen called 'SolidCAM for Operators. It is also in the windows start menu under SolidCAM 2022.

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          Hi Sidney, Thank you for your reply. For instance, our customer want use shop floor licence on talbet or simple pc. In that case we have to install all SolidCAM setup file. Could it be a simple setup file for ShopFloor?

          Thank You