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Shop Floor Simulator & Shop Floor Editor - Great products for the CNC operators!

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  • Shop Floor Simulator & Shop Floor Editor - Great products for the CNC operators!

    Most medium and large-size machine shop staff work in the CNC field, at two main levels.

    The first level is the Programmers who are technologists and engineers, who get the original SolidWorks model and their role is to determine the machining strategy - they are usually well acquainted with the CNC technology, the capabilities of the machines, and the machining technology. They have the CAM tool SolidCAM, with which they program the machining process, using a variety of machine operations for milling, turning, Mill-Turn, and Swiss-type.

    At each stage of the process, they can use the CAM part simulation, as well as the machine simulation - finally, they produce a GCODE file for the relevant machine, using the Postprocessors that SolidCAM provides, for all the various CNC machines.

    The second level in the CNC machine shop is the level of the CNC operators, who are responsible for getting the GCODE file, the list of tools, a chart showing the part's clamping, including the location of the homes and the positions they need to setup.
    They need to perform an initial dry run, with the utmost care, step by step at the machine, to verify that indeed the CNC program prepared by the programmers is error-free, with no collisions, and that the CAM part will be executed flawlessly and in the right dimensions.

    In many machine shops, there is complete separation between these 2 levels, and an existing problem is the lack of understanding of the part machining, in certain aspects determined by the programmer.

    This necessitates that the operator returns to the programmer with questions, while the programmer is already preoccupied with programming the next part - this happens day by day. In addition, minor changes are sometimes required in the program, such as changing the cutting conditions, changing the offset of the tool, etc. This can also lead to large problems in the workflow, for example when the programmer and operator are working in different shifts.

    To solve this problem, we have created two special SolidCAM versions for CNC operators, solving the dilemma that exists in almost every machine shop, and streamlining the machine shop work.

    We have the Shop Floor Editor version. It can run stand-alone or inside SolidWorks. It enables the Shop Floor operator to do minor changes in the SolidCAM CAM Part (Feeds, Speeds, Down Step..), recalculate, simulate, and create a new G-Code file, right by the machine.

    We have now launched also the Shop Floor Simulator, which enables the operator to see a full simulation of the CAM Part, to see the Tool list with full details, to understand the clamping, the home positions, and to see the entire picture before running the NC-code.

    These two new products are low-cost solutions, with a big value to many of our customers.

    Another advantage we can get from these versions is that they can be leveraged as a freebie in the sales process, to help us close deals with new prospects, instead of discounts, or to encourage current customers to get back on subscription for their existing SolidCAM systems.

    We already have a big demand in the market, and I highly recommend to all of our resellers to adopt these new products.

    Zvika Friedman
    VP Sales, Israel & Japan
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    We would like to send our database a flyer and make a campaign for these 2 modules. Do we have any suitable photos we could use?


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      I welcome this very much. However, as I stated in our previous discussion, pricing is a sensitive issue.

      What we actually need is also to leverage these products sometimes as freebies to new customers, instead of discounts, incentives and also teasers for those who are curious about SolidCAM.

      As before, I am eager to promote the new products - as soon as I know the price level.


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        We need a promotion video for those products. "SolidCAM Shop Floor Simulator" I found only 1 video SolidCAM LIVE - Shop Floor Editor

        I'm looking for something like our competitor did CamWorks ShopFloor

        We can start to let our subs customers to use the stand-alone version. It could be 3 months. We can help them to implement it into the process and if there is an ROI they can buy. However, I'd prefer to rent the package.


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          We are doing a brochure for these products by end of June.



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            how about the brochure, finished?