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Amazing SolidCAM Sim5X Mill WIN against Hypermill..

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  • Amazing SolidCAM Sim5X Mill WIN against Hypermill..

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    On February 22nd, 2021, we received an email from a prospect who was comparing SolidCAM vs Hypermill.

    In his initial email, he stated that he was planning on purchasing a few seats of each CAM, as we each has its strong suits.

    After pressing him a bit on what he thought SolidCAM lacked, we discovered that the folks at Hypermill were telling him, that they were the only CAM software, that could handle conical barrel milling.

    We quickly reached out to our worldwide SolidCAM team through this Forum, asking if anyone had a video of a live cut, using the conical barrel mill. Our wonderful folks from SolidCAM UK not only had a video but an entire event based on this process.

    This was the first step in winning this deal. We not only gained the prospect's trust, but we also broke the trust between him and Hypermill.

    A few days later, we provided an amazing demonstration for the prospect and the interest in SolidCAM increased.

    There were numerous team members involved in the following weeks from our tech team, post team, and management team.

    In early March, we received a $75,000 five-seat order - no Hypermill, just SolidCAM!

    We won the customer's trust and business with our incredible team.

    Best Regards,
    SolidCAM US Sales Team