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The Power of 5x-simultaneous/Hammock

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  • The Power of 5x-simultaneous/Hammock

    as a little video project for the summer and for the start of the summer vacation in germany, we milled a little hammock on our Alzmetall GS800 in Rosenheim, for our Social Media channels.
    It was a very nice project to show the power of SolidCAM2021 with the new features like Edge Breaking and the seamless support of Barrel Tools.
    This project includes a lot of 5x-simultanoeus operations and show what is possible with SolidCAM.

    For everybody who doesn´t see the video yet, here is the link

    I will also share the whole project with you, under following link:

    I will also thank Markus Scharmann for the programming of the part and Simon Sommer for organise the video captures and the cutting of the video footage.
    And also a special thanks to EMUGE FRANKEN, for supporting us with the tools for the project.

    If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards Wolfgang

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    Thanks, Wolfgang and Germany team, for a fantastic show of SolidCAM2021 power, and excellent example and thought for the upcoming summer.
    keep the push!


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      What a brilliant part of the summer kick-off to show the great power of SolidCAM 2021! Great work everyone!