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(Tiny) Impeller machining on a Alzmetall GS800

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  • BenKo_AWT_SC_Ger
    hi wolfgang,

    you´re simply the best well done...

    best regards, benjamin

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  • Robinsplinter
    hi Wolfgang,

    Thanks for sharing, would be nice to make this on our Hedelius Acura 65, would love to see these parts shared here.

    We are working on an experience center at our CAD2M Office.

    Gonna try to make this as well.

    kind regards
    Robin Splinter

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  • Wolfgang
    started a topic (Tiny) Impeller machining on a Alzmetall GS800

    (Tiny) Impeller machining on a Alzmetall GS800

    Hi all,

    here is an another awesome project we did on our Alzmetall.
    Amod Onkar asked me if we can to a test cutting in our technology center.

    The part was, in my opinion, a tiny impeller with a max diameter of approximatley 42mm.
    I had little concerns of the dimension of the part and was a little bit afraid of shattering.
    The blade thickness is only 0.6 mm.

    But what can I say, the first attempt was an success.
    Without optimiziation we had a machining time of 09:40min on the first try and a perfect part.

    We tweak a little bit the feed rate and the smoothing cycle on the machine. In the end the part was roughed and finished in 07:40 min.



    This part shows me again, the power of SolidCAM in 5 axis and what we can afford with a little bit of international teamwork.
    Feel free to use the part or the video footage for demonstrations.

    Best regards

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