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SolidCAM SIM 5X Functionalities

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  • SolidCAM SIM 5X Functionalities


    In the next several posts, I would be compiling facts and features of our SIM 5X features that we currently have in SolidCAM.

    I will also be discussing the new features in SolidCAM 2021 which we added to SIM 5X, which makes SolidCAM 2021 our most powerful version ever.

    I invite you to join this discussion. Please do not use this as a substitute for your existing support channel, although I will try to answer as much as I can.

    We will touch upon the following topics:
    • Generic SIM 5X
    • Swarf Machining
    • Rotary Machining
    • Multiaxis Machining
    • Multiblade Machining
    • Port Machining
    • Multiaxis Drilling
    After these, we will discuss the new exciting features that we added in SolidCAM2021.

    Sim5X name changes in SolidCAM2021:

    Sim5X SolidCAM2021 options descriptions:

    This forum is also open for you to request new functionalities etc. - we will see how we could incorporate them in future releases.

    Stay tuned !!!

    Amod Onkar
    3D Mill & Sim5x Product Manager

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    Today we will touch upon a very unique 5 Axis machining feature in SolidCAM 2021. It's called "Edge Breaking".

    Nowadays creating CAM operations on any arbitrary part geometry is easily possible. Many systems offer fully automated or half automated CAM cycles, collisions are being monitored, the residual stock material is being tracked and considered, tool manufacturers create special tools for special materials, machine tools provide high dynamic machines and even special software is being developed, trying to get the best performance out of the hardware.

    Parts can be virtually designed, created, and produced, with the machining process being partially considered within the design. Once you have finished the CAM part, all you have to do is to put a price tag on it, weeks before it is actually machined.

    However, one last thing is not yet automated and often has to be done manually after the machining process. One last bastion of the toolpath cycle, which will take approximately the same time, as that is being spent to fully program a part with a CAM system.

    After machining, on all the parts that have straight edges or non-tangent outer surface topologies, you will find a burr. It appears, when the tool is chipping the metal off that edge. It is an unwanted situation, because it can destroy the functionality of the part or simply could endange the machinist because it is razor-sharp. Most of the time it is necessary and mandatory to remove it.

    SolidCAM’s Edge Breaking module will create a deburring toolpath, on the outer edges of part geometry. The position of the tool relative to the edge is always the bi-vector, between the two surfaces of that edge.

    SolidCAM’s Edge Breaking has some nice features like Automatic feature detection, automatic linking, automatic lead in and automatic collision avoidance.

    The aim is to be able to create a toolpath that is fully automatic, by just selecting the part geometry & the cutting tool.

    A complex part that could take hours to create a deburring toolpath, now takes few minutes to program.

    The below-shown part can be programmed for deburring, on all the possible edges, automatically in less than 1 minute, which would otherwise take a couple of hours to program.