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Miguel Vieira - The mold and the quality of the finish

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  • Miguel Vieira - The mold and the quality of the finish

    Founded in 1990 in a Spanish industrial area, traditionally of toy mold makers in eastern Spain, IBI, Miguel Vieira is a manufacturer of injection molds for sectors such as agriculture, automotive, road protection, packaging, metal casting.

    They were looking for CAM software for their workshop and we were one of the different candidates. The purchase decision was to be a benchmark against hyperMILL, Delcam, NX, and Mastercam. We knew that the battle in roughing and restocking with iMachining was won, but it is not always machine times that matter most to a mold maker, but the final quality often has more weight in the decision.

    Indeed, we passed the roughing phase as the best, but the manager said that the challenge did not end there, that he wanted to see the quality (Core and Cavity) of a finished mold in the different CAM Softwares that participated in the benchmark.

    And there, with the cheapest module in the SolidCAM portfolio, HSS, with its system for calculating toolpaths over the isoparametric of 3D surfaces, we managed to be the CAM software with the best machining finish, not only for surface quality but also for precision.

    Today, its manager tells us that the polishing and finishing interventions on the end mold figure (Core and Cavity) are much less and that they have gained in machining precision. What really mattered most to them was quality and with a small but powerful module, HSS, we were able to prove that we were the best solution for a plastic injection mold workshop.

    SolidCAM is today the most complete CAM software on the market.

    Xabier Garaloces